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AC: Watch a complete game played at Hurlingham in 2004. Bamford completes a Sextuple Peel. NB split into 4 separate YouTube clips. Click Here

AC: Some footage from Test 2 of  the 2013 MacRobertson Shield held at Marewa Club in Napier. Click Here

AC: Solomon Grip expert, Paul Skinley, displaying a version of the grip while participating in the 2010 MacRobertson Shield - Click here

GC: Irish Grip expert, John Christie (in all whites), a great example of how this grip is used to advantage - check out the lenght of the mallet handle. Click here

GC: 2-shot Golf Croquet - watch an innovated version of GC. Click here - This video features Pete Trimmer (UK) vs Jamie Burch (UK) in the Final of the Innovations 2-shot Golf Croquet Tournament 

 - a brief description:

  • The start line for a game is between Corner 4 and level with Hoop 4, on the eastern boundary, where the ball is marked in on the one-yard line, similar to AC
  • Any roquet earns the player one more shot, to be used as a standard GC shot (taking position, running a hoop, clearing an opponent’s ball, etc.)
  • Only one continuation shot per turn
  • When balls leave the lawn, they are marked in one yard
  • When taking their first shot, in turn, if the player fails to make a roquet then it is end-of-turn, so deciding to try a roquet or placing the ball for a strategic position, is an important decision