Oroua Badminton Association

About Oroua Badminton Association 

Oroua Badminton Association administrate and foster the playing of badminton in the Oroua area. Oroua area is mainly the town of Feilding but extends from north of the Oroua river to south of the Rangitkei river

There are two member clubs of the Association. They are Feilding Badminton Club and Oroua Junior Club.


Oroua Badminton Representative Registration & Practice

21 March 2021

4 - 6 pm​​​​​​​

Feilding Civic Centre, Stafford Street entrance

Masters Manager - Tania Gunn

Veterans Manager - Ray Roberts

Super Vets Manager - Marion Casey​​​​​​​

Oroua Badminton Association Contacts

Marion Casey      06 323 5806

Stuart Osborne    021 383 533

Oroua Badminton Association People

President                    Tania Gunn

Vice President             Mike Smith

Secretary                     Marion Casey

Treasurer                     Stuart Osborne

Committee                   Ray Roberts

                                    Anne Sutherland

                                    David Wasley

                                    Lynette Pierce

​​​​​​​                                    Debbie Palmer