About Us


  • Netballers from 5 years upwards.
  • Primary school children, collegiate, seniors, masters.
  • Beginner, school, club, social, elite, representative players.
  • Individuals and families.
  • Hard working volunteers to highly qualified coaches,umpires and administrators.


  • Over 2515 registered playing members
  • 263 teams each with a coach and umpire – approximately 400 people supporting those teams in an official capacity.
  • Every week those people are supported by hundreds of parents and supporters.
  • We estimate that visitors to the Papakura Netball Centre exceed 3000 people every week in season.
  • We represent the diversity of the community of Papakura district – in age, culture, ethnicity and socio economic backgrounds.
  • We are the premier provider of women’s sport in Papakura


  • 20 outdoor netball courts
  • Large pavilion, office complex, formal conference room, informal conference room, commercial kitchen and players changing facilities
  • Situated in the centre of Pulman Park


  • Well established provider of Netball in Papakura since 1938.
  • Formed after a meeting of the Papakura Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club and the decision to start a Basketball Club. Played at the Papakura Croquet grounds.
  • Shared with other codes in the early days – croquet, bowls and tennis.
  • Played at shared facilities in Green Street. 
  • Funds raised to build a pavilion and floodlights.
  • Shifted to Smith’s Ave Complex – 1967
  • Again shared with tennis but eventually taking overall control and subleasing to tennis.
  • Moved to Bruce Pulman Park – 1997
  • Moving to the current facility was a dream come true after sixty years of incredibly hard work, fundraising, begging, lobbying and fighting for Netball in this community

Many people have volunteered alot of their time and energy to ensure that Netball continues to thrive, a sport that means so much to New Zealand women, girls and families. Now, Netball has a vibrant successful home in Papakura and it's surrounding communities.

We feel very proud to represent those women here today and we hope that we can carry on their legacy and continue to promote Netball as the premier women’s sport in Papakura.