In the late 1980’s the Papakura District Council originally purchased the Park land.  In a unique structure the Trust has leased the park from the Council to provide the improvements and amenities.  The Trust’s philosophy being that everyone in the community irrespective of age, gender, physical ability or nationality can use the facilities and services provided, for recreation, leisure or sporting pursuits.

The Trust will continue to build the best facilities that we can whether they be buildings such as the Netball Centre, Pulman Recreation Centre (formerly Gymsport & Recreation Centre), Team Sports Facility, sporting grounds such as the Cricket Ovals or walkways through a scented garden for the blind.  The Park will also always be maintained to a high standard and utilised fully.   The Trust is looking forward to the future of our community and the Park is an investment for future generations of the Papakura and Counties Manukau region.

For more information on any of the facilities that are on Bruce Pulman Park, click on the links below:

Pulman Recreation Centre

Pulman Arena

Pulman Lodge

Physio Rehab Group


The Den 3x3 Basketball Court​​​​​​​