Questions and answers about membership at our club

Q. How do I become a member?

You can either complete the online membership form or download from the Documentation section and forward the completed form to the club treasurer or secretary in person. Membership is then subject to payment of fees and Management Commitee Aproval.

Q. How do I pay for my membership?

**Invoice will be sent out to pay once membership has been approved.

Q. Who or what is WANZ?

A. The sport of waka ama is governed by Waka Ama New Zealand (WANZ). Any person who races in an outrigging event must be a WANZ member, and pay the relevant race day fees and affiliations.

Q. Who or what is TTPCA?

A. Tai Tokerau Pacific Canoe Association is the governing body for Northland Region. Clubs must be affiliated to the regional body to participate in WANZ-sanctioned events.

Q. Is there a Parihaka Waka Ama uniform?

A. Uniforms are ordered at the beginning of the season. Contact the secretary for more details

Q: What should I wear?

A. Avoid baggy clothing. Boardshorts or neoprene/lycra style shorts and lycra/microfibre lightweight rash shirt. Peaked cap. Gloves optional. Take adequate precaution against UV exposure. In addition bring a water bottle or hydration system of at least 750ml capacity, which can be worn or attached to the canoe. Wear non-slip footwear to avoid slipping on the ramp and get grip in the waka.

Q: Can anyone do this?

A. Just about. Waka ama is suitable for just about any age. As with any water activity, participants are required to be competent swimmers and have a reasonable level of fitness. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience please ensure you are familiar with and meet our basic safety requirements.

Q: What about cross training?

A. Training outside of the canoe builds strength and flexibility that can then be transferred back into the canoe during races. Sports such as swimming, boxing, gym, kayak/ski paddling, running are excellent forms of cross training.

Q: What competition divisions exist?

A. Divisions include Male, Female and Mixed (3 males, 3 females) divisions broken into age groups. Some regattas also include a Novice division for new paddlers.

* Junior -  various age groups 7 to 19 years.

* 21 Years adult division for 21 years and under.

* Open any adult age.

* Masters - Includes
  Masters 40 years and up.
  Senior Masters 50 years and up.
  Golden Masters 60 years and up.

  Master 70's, 70 + years

Ages are based on the calender year 1st January to 31st December for the year the season ends (ie the main calendar year for the season).

Q: What race formats exist?

A. Races generally can be Sprints up to 1000m, Short Course ~10 kms, Marathon ~16 kms, or Change Over ~40 kms. The Change Over format involves teams of up to 9 (Men) or up to 10 (Women and Mixed) paddlers jumping in and out of the canoe throughout the race. A Mixed crew in a Change Over may include a maximum of 5 or sometimes (depending on the regatta ) 4 males and requires a minimum of 3 females in the canoe at all times.