Since 2018, Picton School students have been put into four Houses: Arapaoa, Kaipūpū , Tōtaranui and Waitohi. The names represent the names of the region in which we are blessed to live (see details of the origins of the name to the right).

Each House has 2 Captains and a Support Leader. These positions are held by Year 5 and 6 children and are applied for annually. Collectively, they are the Student Leadership Group and work with Mr Roggeveen to develop their Leadership Skills. They have various responsibilities around the school. They wear identifying badges.

On Friday afternoons we often have "House Time" in which all children in a House work with their staff support teacher(s) on various activities designed by the staff and the House Captains.

Each time any student at Picton School earns a Values Card they place it in their House Values Cards Box. Each week these are counted up with Houses receiving 5 points for each card earned. Two cards are drawn every Monday Assembly and the lucky winners choose a prize. Classes also strive to be the "Kupe class" every fortnight and children are also recognised for collecting 20 Values cards with a "Being Like Kupe" certifcate and prize.

House points are also earned in Challenges which my involve a number of children as well as whole school House events. Events like Wig Wednesday, Wacky Hair Day and Daffodil Day also give the opportunity for House Points.

At the Leavers Assembly at the end of the year, the House that has accumulated the most points is presented with the House Shield. Each member of the House receives a certificate to recognise their contribution. The House Captains then get re-presented the Shield at Whole School Prize Giving and make an acceptance speech.

In 2018 the House Shield was presented for the first time. The winning House was Waitohi who were captained by Vancouver Sio and Caitlyn Watts with Kingston Whiteman in the support leader role.

In 2019 race competition was very exciting with the Shield narrowly won by Tōtaranui after a late charge from the defending champions. Libby Staples and Addison Usher-Somers were the victorious captains with Ajani Allen in the support leader role.

In 2020 we had our tightest competition yet with multiple lead changes throughout the year. At the end it was Kaipūpū who came out on top, captained by Lizzie Gibbons and Lily McKinstry with support from Mckenzie Strongman-Tonga.

2021 saw Kaipūpū triumph again with Lily McKinstry becomong the first person to win the House Shield twice as Captain, this time with Mckenzie Strongman-Tonga as co-captain.

In 2022 Zac Ogle-Turner and Georgia Jamieson led Waitohi to victory after several lead changes in terms 3 and 4.