BOWLSHUB is a new on-line registration system for bowlers.  It is already being used iby Bowls NZ and is being trialled across a number of Centres.

It is used as an entry system for NATIONAL events.   All entrants in National tournaments have to be registered in BOWLSHUB, and entry to those tournaments is through BOWLSHUB.

Using BOWLSHUB for Competitions provides immediate benefits …

  1. It automatically and immediately creates the draw for the tournaments as soon as entries closed.
  2. It automatically and immediately produces the results for the tournaments as and when they became available.
  3. It automatically notifies entrants (via email of TXT) of any matters that occurred during the tournaments such as venue changes for weather, etc.
  4. It archives bowler’s results in each tournament they enter, so that they can always view their historical accomplishments.
  5. That may lead to Bowls NZ considering a grading system in the future, so that every bowler in New Zealand may potentially have a continually changing national ranking.

Bowls NZ have now started rolling BOWLSHUB out for use in all Centres throughout New Zealand, and for use in all CENTRE tournaments.  They have also selected a few Clubs and invited them to utilise BOWLSHUB for their Competitions.  Plimmerton Bowling Club is fortunate to be one of those clubs.

You can, if you wish, register in BOWLSHUB … by selecting the appropriate Registration Link above.

You will find that the process to register (and to enter tournaments) is not difficult …  Bowls NZ have tried to make it as easy as possible.

The first time you go in to BOWLSHUB,  you will need to complete all the details required for your personal profile (name, address, email, mobile phone, bowling club, etc, etc).  You will then be given a unique number which will become your unique bowls registration number for life.

Then whenever you want to enter an event in the future (and potentially CENTRE event), you will enter that event through BOWLSHUB.  That will mean registering your entry against your unique number, and if its pairs, triples or fours, registering the other members in your team by referring to their unique number(s).

Obviously you may have members for which computers are still a ‘challenge’, and won't be able to enter BOWLSHUB themselves.  They will need simply to get someone else to do it for them … perhaps another club member … perhaps one of their grandkids … or whoever!  We expect over time, teething and familiarity issues will be overcome, and it will become just one of the simple things we attend to as part of our enjoyment of the bowls community.

Once Registered, you can select the appropriate link above to Login to BOWLSHUB, update your personal details and enter events.  The Match Convenors will then be able to communicate any event changes and results through the BOWLSHUB Engine via email.