Palmerston North Girls' High School Sporting Code of Conduct




  • Treat the team, supporters, team management, officials and opposition with respect at all times
  • Control your temper.  Verbal abuse, sledging players, deliberately distracting or provoking the opposition are not acceptable or permitted behaviour
  • Work equally hard for yourself and the team and be a good sport; acknowledge good performances and/or successes made by any player in the team
  • Accept both victory and defeat with dignity
  • Use social media in a respectful and positive way
  • Respect any decisions made by the coach – seek clarification at an appropriate time
  • Maintain the required level of fitness, be on time for trainings and games and engage fully at all times
  • Be accountable for your actions/behaviour at all times
  • Wear correct uniform and adhere to the school rules
  • Maintain a high level of attendance and behaviour at school.


  • Encourage your daughter to abide by the code of conduct
  • Respect the coaches and managers who give their time voluntarily to ensure your daughter has the opportunity to play sport at this level
  • Encourage your daughter to maintain a positive attitude towards her sport, team management and other team members at all times and encourage her to communicate with her coach should she require clarification or feedback around her trainings, games and/or progress
  • Always respect officials, opposition and other spectators
  • Use appropriate lines of communication if there are any areas of concern
  • Maintain exemplary side-line behaviour when supporting your daughter and her team
  • Please refrain from ‘coaching/side-line coaching’ – your advice may be in direct conflict with the coaches instructions


  • Respect the rights and dignity of all players, supporters and officials
  • Be a positive role model of the sport and act in a way that projects a positive image of coaching and managing
  • Make a commitment to providing a quality experience for all players
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism
  • Respect the right of players to seek clarification and feedback
  • Communicate in a transparent, honest and professional manner
  • Ensure players have a clear understanding of team expectations, responsibilities and methods of communication that the team will use