Welcome to Pōneke Junior Rugby 2022

The Pōneke Junior Club offers all new and returning players and their families, the opportunity to belong to a club that prides itself on providing all our players with quality coaching to learn, develop, and play New Zealand’s number one sport – RUGBY.  

What Grades are available?

Junior Rugby is available in non-contact Rippa Rugby and contact Tackle Rugby. Grades are aligned with School Year Groups so you have the best chance of playing with your mates.

  • Nursery Grade for all Under 5s 

    Nursey Grade is held indoors in the Toitu Poneke Hub Green Room and concentrates on fun skills and games with lots of Parent involvment. We split the Nursery Grade into two groups as follows

    Pōneke Pēpi will be for younger tamariki aged 1-2 and involves lots of fun with movement and ball play.
    Pōneke Pups will be for older tamariki aged 3-4 and will feature more advanced skills to prepare them for Rippa Rugby.

    Nursery Grade sessions are held first thing Saturday morning during the season.

  • Rippa Rugby for all age groups 5 years and older

    Rippa Rugby is a very safe, non-contact, easy to play game for both boys and girls alike. Best of all it's fun and exciting for all involved. While the rules are simple and the game easy to learn, Rippa Rugby will promote excellent ball handling and running skills, and give all kids a chance to participate in our national game.

    Rippa Rugby is available in the following Grades matching School Years and there are no weight restrictions as it is all non-contact. Girls and Boys play in mixed teams.

    Year 0/1 Rippa Grade  (mostly Under 6)
    Year 2 Rippa Grade      (mostly Under 7)
    Year 3/4 Combined Rip Rugby  (mostly Under 8/9)
    Year 5/6 Combined Rip Rugby  (mostly Under 10/11)
    Year 7/8 Combined Rip Rugby  (mostly Under 12/13)

    Rippa Rugby is played on Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings during the Season. There will be typically one team training day during the week to be decided by the Coach.

  • Tackle Rugby

    Kids can start playing tackle rugby once they reach the School Year 3 or Under 8. This is when they will learn how to play rugby in small development steps starting with how to tackle safely.  Weight restrictions apply for various grades to create a safe and competitive environment. Girls and Boys play in mixed teams.

    Tackle Rugby is available in the following Grades matching School Years.

    Year 3 Tackle - no weight restrictions (previously Under 8 Tackle Grade)
    Year 4 Tackle - weight restrictions  (previously Under 9 Tackle Grade)
    Year 5 Tackle - weight restrictions  (previously Under 10 Tackle Grade)
    Year 6 Tackle - weight restrictions  (previously Under 11 Tackle Grade)
    Year 7/8 Combined Tackle Restricted -  weight restrictions  (previously Under 12 Tackle Grade)
    Year 7/8 Combined Tackle Open -  no weight restrictions  (previously Under 13 Tackle Grade)

    For more information about the way Junior Rugby is played at each stage you can go to the Small Blacks website

    For Weight and Age Grades for Tackle Rugby have a look at the Weights Chart for 2022.

    Tackle Rugby is played on Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings during the Season. There will be typically one team training day during the week to be decided by the Coach.

How do I Register?

You must Register online at the Junior Rugby Player Registration (2022) option on this site.

Once submitted you will still need to weigh in and to pick up your child's rugby jersey on the scheduled Registration Day which are posted on the registration form.​​​​

It is easiest if you complete the registration form ONLINE before coming to a registration day to save time. We will accept EFTPOS (no credit card) or cash at the Registration days.

What do I get?

  • Great Coaching by committed Volunteers
  • Fifteen scheduled games of Junior Rugby
  • Pōneke Rugby Jersey (to be returned at end of season)
  • Mouth-guard

How much does it cost?

  • $65 - Single Pōneke Player Registration (Rippa/Rip/Tackle)
  • $115 - Two or more Pōneke​​​​​​​ Player Registrations (Rippa/Rip/Tackle)
  • $35 - Pōneke​​​​​​​ Pup Player Registration (Nursery Grade only)

How do I pay?

    Payment can be done online during your online registration using your Debit or Credit Card.

    Payment in person at a Registration Day can be made by Cash or EFTPOS (including Credit Card).  

    Players will not be issued with Jersey until full payment is received.

    What other Gear do I need to buy?

    You will need to buy your Rugby Player some suitable Rugby Boots, Pōneke​​​​​​​ Club Socks and Red Shorts. These can be purchased from Kilbirnie Sports who offer a 10% discount for Poneke Junior Rugby Members.

    You can also pickup and trade pre-owned boots and other gear at the Pōneke​​​​​​​ Junior Buy-Sell-Swap Gear Site.

    Pōneke​​​​​​​ Junior Apparell including Beanies, Hoodies, Bags and other gear will be available during season.

    “You don’t just play, You belong!”