Other Black Ferns

Other Black Ferns

Six Black Ferns have played for Ponsonby but were only selected for New Zealand from other clubs. Click on the link above for the complete list, or on the player's name for a full profile.

Seuga Frost played for Ponsonby briefly in 1991-92, while teaching at Tangaroa College, but her New Zealand career was already over by then, at the ripe old age of 25. She had been picked firstly as a Canterbury player and then from Wellington. In 1995 she moved to Japan before returning to New Zealand to teach a decade later.

Shannon Andrew played for New Zealand in 1996 as a Marist player but left New Zealand soon afterwards and lived in Britain for some time. She returned to New Zealand in an effort to win World Cup selection in 2002 but missed out, and later returned to the UK. A winger, Andrew had plenty of speed and finishing ability.

Sandy Yates was chosen for New Zealand while playing in Counties-Manukau in 2001. She came to Auckland and played briefly for Ponsonby, appearing in a few matches for Auckland B in the years when they also participated in the NPC. An outside back, Yates returned to Counties-Manukau after her short spell in Auckland club rugby.​​​​​​​

Lydia Crossman, who had appeared for New Zealand from Hawke's Bay in 2012 and College Rifles a year later, played for Ponsonby in 2019 and added a veteran presence to an otherwise young forward pack. Her form and experience were both invaluable in Ponsonby's  championship challenge, which eventually died only in the last minute of the semi-final against Marist.​​​​​​​

Huriana Manuel, a long-time Black Fern from Auckland Marist, joined the club in 2019 with husband Derek Carpenter, who had played out his Japanese contract and returned home. Both midfielders, they added experience and strength to the respective Premier sides as well as becoming leading off-field figures.

Ruby Tui, who became the media darling of the 2022 World Cup, had been instrumental in Ponsonby's first Coleman Shield win - and first Senior title in 27 years - in 2020. Although she regards herself as a Ponsonby player, the fact remains the club did not hold her registration when she was chosen and, for now, she remains one of our 'Other Black Ferns'.