Auckland A - Men

Ponsonby Auckland A Reps - Men

Ponsonby has produced more than 250 Auckland A reps, who have played more than 4400 games in the blue and white hoops. Although no players from the club were in the first Auckland team chosen in 1875, they have been in the vast majority that have taken the field after that pioneering tour. Since 28 June 1983, when Auckland played King Country with a team that was somewhere between the A and B selection, Ponsonby players have been in 546 of the 547 Auckland teams to take the field to the end of 2022. The one exception was on 28 July 2004 in a Ranfurly Shield defence against Poverty Bay; Auckland was playing two defences in four days and chose two entirely different teams. As luck would have it the eight Ponsonby players all turned out in the second match, thus ending a run of 332 matches with one of the club's players in every Auckland team. 

For the full list of Ponsonby players to have appeared for Auckland A, click on the link above.