Ponsonby Life Members

Being awarded a Life Membership is the highest honour the club can bestow on one of its members. It's an uncommon award, making it even more highly prized by the recipient, and a member will normally only be nominated after a considerable period in harness. Unlike many clubs across a wide variety of sports and pastimes, Ponsonby does not consider a Life Membership a signal that it's time to retire or a vote of thanks to someone who is stepping back. It has been said at the AGM by Auckland Union officials that 'Ponsonby gets greater value from its Life Members than any other club', something of which the club is justifiably proud. Click on the link above to see the full list, or on the names below to get an individual profile.

1905       JC Redman

1913       Jack Arneil

1913       Charles Jackson

1914       Bill Cunningham

1914       George Nicholson

1914       Charles Stichbury

1915       Joe O’Leary

1930       Thomas Aitken

1934       Alec Jensen

1934       Ernie Matthews

1944       Bob Notton

1944       Reg Tonkin

1945       Eric Skinner

1949       Bob Bowden

1950       Jack Scott

1954       Charlie Cammick

1954       Fred Lucas

1955       Buster Coughlan

1956       Nick Chitty

1958       Nev Conway

1958       Gordon Menzies

1958       Harold Wright

1959       Jack Johnson

1962       Owen Donaldson

1964       Mrs Dolly McKenty

1964       Mrs Alva Scott

1965       Leo Gribble

1968       Jack Cox

1969       Merv Scott

1975       Percy Tetzlaff

1978       Birke Lovett

1979       Don Johnston

1980       Dr Lloyd Drake

1981       Jack Bourke

1981       Bob Paterson

1983       Sir Bryan Williams

1984       Trevor Paterson

1986       Phil Adrian

1986       Jim Steen

1988       Jack Nicholson

1989       Roy Bowden

1992       Keith Nelson

1995       Max Mains

1995       Athol Rickard

1997       Alfred Tupu

1998       Lin Colling

2000       Neil Wolfgram

2001       John Ward

2002       Dr Peter Harwood

2004       Ces Williams

2007       Craig Partridge

2009       Murray Menzies

2010       Tom Aitken

2011       Jack Huch

2011       Peter Thorp

2016       Bob Banks

2016       Brian Lough

2016       Dennis Mansfield

2016       Grant Willoughby

2018       Eddie Ioane

2018       Mrs Sandra Ioane

2018       Joe Stanley

2019       Chris Clews

2019       Dave Gallaher (Posthumous)

2020       Dave Atkins

2020       Andy Haden

2020       Hugh Heeney

2020       Grant McCurrach