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Winter comp will be coming to an end soon - 28 August 2022 -  and we are now looking forward to competing in the Netball Waitakere Summer Comp from Oct to Dec 2022 and Jan to end of Feb 2023.

We have always had a mixed team and Senior Women, OC and Intermediate teams, and have had in the past Year 5 and 6s, but there have been less interests in the Year 5 to Year 8 grades.  Fun factor, boys can play in these age grades.

We are looking to our whanau and the community to find interests in expanding our mixed teams to play in seniors, open college and year 5 to year 8. If you are interested. Send an email to


Kia ora e te whanau o Praedeus.

The winter competition began for our OC team MEGA on 26 March and  our second OC team EXCEL on 30 April. Prems commenced their season on 20 April. Team ELITE our intermediates begin their journey for the year on 7 May and are keen to start playing. We are eagerly waiting for 9 May when our Year 6 team Choice begin grading, with our youngest age group - team Innovators to begin their haerenga in June........such a long wait.............ka hiamo ki a matou. 



If you are looking for a club to coach or perhaps manage or would be interested in being an umpire for 2021 click here to register

We are always open to having new players to the club if you are interested in being a player or you have a daughter who may want to play register your interest here.

FYI: Boys can play netball in a team until they are 12 years of age - from year 1 to year 8.


Netball Waitakere are hot about GOOD SPORTS which aims to create postivie sporting experiences for Kiwi Kids by suporting and educating the key adult influences in childrens sport - adults who are parents, coaches, teachers and sport leaders.

Good Sports advocates for adult behaviours and attitudes in childrens sport to alwasy fall under a Climate of Development ensuring our children have the best chance of having positive sporting experiences and ultimately growing a lifelong love with sports.

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However there will be an emphasis on a persons conduct and or behaviour - Netball Waitakere have a zero tolerance policy and PNS has a Code of Conduct Policy - which is available to read on both websites.

Netball Waitakere

Praedeus Netball Sports

A tikanga of Praedues is Enjoying - PAREKAREKA - our whanau will not enjoy netball if they are not having a positive experience. 


We are always looking for umpires - have you ever had those thoughts about an umpire? i.e. you could probably have umpired that game better, well why not put those thoughts into reality. Go to the Netball NZ Website.  Alternatively -  go to the  Netball Waitakere   website and click on the Umpire tab to read the information about umpiring.  Rules of netball are available on both sites.  You can also purchase the rules book from Netball Waitakere.
If you are interested in the umpiring aspect of the game of netball send an email to the Praedeus President.


Praedeus Netball Sports has the priviledge of being involved in this kaupapa - a te reo tournament held at Netball Waitakere using the medium of Netball to korereo Maori, all day on the court off the court, in the administration of netball. 

The kaupapa is the concept of Te Puni Kokiri bought to light by one of our whanau Matua Eruera Morgan and has been a partnership with Netball Waitakere since it first began in 2018. Due to COVID-19 there was no tournament in 2020.  PNS has been involved and has supported this Kaupapa from conception to realisation in 2018. 

Ko matou ano -  whanau o Praedeus will be participating and supporting the Kaupapa of Puni Reo Tarawhiti in 2022.