Panthers Southland Representative Players, Coaches, Managers and Other Support Staff 2019 -20

Southland Men

Braden Heslip, Wade McSoriley, Kaemyn Smith, Steve Willis (Placemakers, ML)

Southland Women

Maisie Bond (RF Symon, Wildcats), Isobel Thompson (Chiefs/Wildcats)

U23 Men 

Braeden Heslip (Placemakers ML), Wade McSoriley (Placemakers ML), Reuben O'Neill (RF Symon, Wildcats), Blake Purdue (Placemakers ML), Kaemyn Smith (Placemakers ML), Ben Symon (RF Symon, Wildcats), Mitchell Tweedie (RF Symon, Wildcats), Lachlan Springford, Non-Travelling Reserve (RF Symon Wildcats)

U23 Women 

Maisie Bond (RF Symon, Wildcats), Isobel Thompson (Chiefs)

U18 Boys 

Blaine Butler (Braves), Taineara Eden (RF Symon Wildcats), Reuben O'Neill (RF Symon Wildcats), Lachlan Springford (RF Symon Wildcats), Ben Symon (RF Symon Wildcats), Mitchell Tweedie (RF Symon Wildcats), Jacob Smith (Chiefs)

U18 Girls

Alice Cade (Braves), Hannah Symon (U17 Smashers) Isobel Thompson (Chiefs/Wildcats)

U15 Boys 

Carter Doughtery (U15 Blacksox), Lucus Jennings, Thomas Jennings, Matthew Smith (Cubs)

Thomas Jennings (Selected in the SNZ Tournament The Rest Team) 

U15 Girls

Caitlyn Wallace (U15 Synergy)

Southland Coaches and Managers

U18 Girls

Assistant Coach, Raewyn Thomson

Edith Wilson Cup (Southland v Otago)


Michael Cade (Coach Wildcats), Lee S Greig (Chiefs, Player-Coach), Max Moyles (Chiefs Player-Coach)

Mainland Southern Pride Representatives


Braedan Heslip, Kaemyn Smith (Placemakers ML) 

NZ International Softball Academy Representatives 2019

U19 Boys


U17 Boys

​​​​​​​Ben Symon (RF Symon Wildcats)

Junior Blacksox 

Hutt City United Fastpitch Classic ​​​​​​​(Black Team) ​​​​​​​

Reuben O'Neill (RF Symon Wildcats)