Panthers Southland Representative Players, Coaches, Managers and Other Support Staff 2021-22

Southland Men

Bates Shield (Otago v Southland) & Jeffries Cup (Men's South Island Provincial Championships)

Braden Heslip, Kaemyn Smith, Ben Symon, Mitchell Tweedie (Placemakers, ML)

Jeffereis Cup

Southland Women

Henderson Shield (Otago v Southland) 

Emily Cade & Kaitlyn Heath-Tree (Cubs)

Jubilee Cup (Women's South Island Provincial Championships)

Hannah Symon (Wildcats)

U23 Men 

U23 Women 

U17 Boys 

U17 Girls

U15 Boys 

U15 Girls

Southland Coaches and Managers

Southland Women (Henderson Shield) 

Rachel Cade (Coach Placemakers Major League)

Edith Wilson Cup (Southland v Otago)


Mainland Southern Pride Representatives


NZ International Softball Academy Representatives 2019

U17 Boys

Junior Blacksox