Div 1 Draws

Mens and Womens competition

Please find attached draw covering 2 full rounds which will take us up until 6th Feb but only times and diamonds until Xmas.

Competition Rules!

  1. Game time 1 hour 30 mins. At this point the inning in progress is to be completed.
  2. Yes Bunting & Stealing for the ladies (fielding team, No Bunting & Stealing for the men
  3. All players hit and in the same order, 9 players field (unlimited substitutes in the field) Ok if a player doesn’t want to hit but it needs to be made known to the other team prior to the game.
  4. Home team fields first, Away team hits
  5. 5 run per inning rule applies
  6. For the females Home team will be green singlet, Away team in the black singlet.
  7. Prior to the game both teams will need to pick their teams using the game day app then at the duration of the game both teams load the score. Make sure though you compare scores after each inning so there’s no surprises.
  8. Umpires will collect the match balls for the clubhouse / container (2 per game) and return after the game.

We agreed that in the event of rain we will manage this on the day…. For example if we can complete the 12 & 2 rounds but rains for the 4pm slot the game will be made up, If all games are lost the it will be a rain out draw and all teams will be awarded 2 points.

Points as such: 3 for the win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss.

Failure to supply an umpire to your allocation will result in a deduction of 1 competition point.