Junior Tee Ball

Tee-Ball is organised into the following age groups:

  • U7 - Games on Saturday 9-10am (games played in Pukekohe)
  • U9 - Games on Saturday 9-10am (games played in Pukekohe)

Subs for all of the above grades are $60 per player.

This covers: Coaching and games, Team Shirt & Pukekohe Softball Club cap. Player keeps their cap, t-shirts need to be returned at the end of the season.

You will need to provide:

  • Sensible footwear for running
  • A softball glove

During the summer months its a good idea to bring along a drinks bottle too and make sure you’ve slapped on some sunscreen.

Softball gloves should be purchased for the opposite hand that your child throws with i.e. if your kid throws with their right hand then the glove should be for their left hand. 

Please make sure your glove is clearly marked with your child’s name as these are often left behind or players have the same glove and they get mixed up.

All games for U7 & U9s are played at Colin Laurie Park here in Pukekohe. 

If you have any questions about Junior Tee-Ball or Modified Softball please contact Willem Botha. Hi Contact details can be found on our Contact page.