Masters Race Walking

It is the view of some that Masters are the majority of Race Walkers - a majority that are sometinmes overlooked for therir contribution to the sport.

Have a look at the photos to the right - These are 10 Wellington Masters who attended the Oceania Masters Championshios in Dunedin plus other Masters activity.

Also have a look at this report on what the Wellingotn Masters have been up to - Click Here

This report indicates that Masters Race Walkers (at least in Wellington) are very active and an important part of Race Walking. In fact there is only one "non-Masters" Race Walker in Wellington; so where would the sport be without these Masters!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Let's be -​​​​​​​

"Proud to be a Race Walker"

Yes, let us remind others that we may have a few years on the clock but we can still get around on the Track or the Road by supporting every Masters Event -

  • NZ Masters T & F Champs
  • North Islaind Masters T & F Champs
  • South Island Masters T & F Champs                       

​​​​​​​for more information - Click Here                   

AND don't forget to support your local Masters Events. An interesting matter that has been raised recently is the possibility of "billeting" a visiting Race Walker. This could help more Race Walkers attend more events.


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