Kingdon-Tomlinson Fund

The Kingdon-Tomlinson Fund was set up under the will of the late Julie Annie Tomlinson of Nelson for the purposes of promoting the study of astronomy in New Zealand. The fund is a memorial to William Tomlinson of St Peter's School, York, (grandfather of Julie Tomlinson) and William Tomlinson (Julie Tomlinson's father), both of whom were Fellows of the Royal Astronomical Society, and were connected by marriage with Sir Isaac Newton.

Applications may be made for any projects or ventures which promote the progress of astronomy in New Zealand. Council of the RASNZ considers each application in accordance with the objectives of the Trust Deed and makes recommendations to the Trustees of the Kingdon-Tomlinson Fund accordingly. The Trustees of the Fund have the final decision as to whether or not a grant is made.

Kingdon-Tomlinson grants are made for the purpose of promoting astronomy in New Zealand. Grants are not restricted to members of the RASNZ, but where there is competition for limited funds membership of the RASNZ may be an advantage for the applicant.

Applications should be made on the official application form (click here to download the form as a PDF​​​​​​​). Alternatively you may obtain the form and further information from the Executive Secretary of RASNZ. Email enquiries to [email protected]