“Ref for a Rebate 2021”


To encourage and recruit existing playing members to undergo referee education and attain experience in refereeing matches whilst still being registered community players officiating community matches.


Across the Central Football Federation, the current referee population requires an injection of accredited match officialswho have experienced football in a community environment and understand the nature of the community level game. 

We currently have community level matches being officiated by players, coaches and other volunteers who have a ‘feel’ and understanding of the community game and the community players expectation of a referee. By providing an opportunity for players to reduce their cost to being a registered player by having them complete a New Zealand Football Level 1 Referee and Assistant Referee course, complete ten matches as a match official throughout a season, receive payment for those matches completed and receive a 50% rebate on their playing registration fees, removes barriers to becoming a referee, encourages current players to be involved in the game in a different role and improve coverage of matches with an accredited match official.

After successful completion of the course requirements the participant receives referee apparel and is registered in COMET as an accredited Level 1 match official to the region in which they plan to officiate matches. Between the Central Football Referee Manager, the regional appointments coordinator and the participant, availability of the participant to referee matches is established and allocated appropriately. 

​​​​​​​• Upon completion of each match the participant receives the appropriate match fee reimbursement for the type of match they have completed paid into their bank account on or around the 20th of the month following the match. 

• Central Football will make a payment of 50% of the participants playing fees after the participant advises the Referee Manager that they have completed 10 matches for the season, this is verified, and the participant has shown proof of payment of their playing fees to their club.

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For more information please e-mail Referee Manager Antony Riley | antony@centralfootball.co.nz