As always we cannot run netball without the support of our parent community coming forward to be a coach or manager. 
We ask our coaches and managers to have:
*      An interest in netball and a good relationship with students
*      Understanding of the rules and regulations of Saturday netball
*      A willingness to umpire games. Netball South runs coaching workshops early in the netball season.
*      Assisting either in the coaching or managing of a team each Saturday. 
*      Holding at least one practise each week at arranged times for the team.
*      Supporting our netballers and keeping in contact regularly with Jess Mills (Netball Co-ordinator) about any matters regarding netball. 

If you are interested in supporting our netballers, please indicate on the form below if you would like to assist. We thank you in advance.

*    Year 3 - 8 netballers will be provided with a RPS netball skirt or shorts for the season.

*    For some of our younger students our RPS netball skirts may be just a little too big - therefore they may need to wear their school uniform skorts or sports shorts.
*    Students must wear the RPS sports top or RPS polo top. 
*    Students are asked to wear the RPS track pants, hoodies or fleece as their outer layer to the games.
*    Students will be required to wear knee length, dark navy blue socks (available from NZ uniforms website)
*    Navy or black thermals may be worn under the uniform on cold days.