This is a work in progress project and we will update the photo and gallery. Please enjoy.

Sports and Music were integral events that T.W. Ratana realised captured many of the youth of the time as it still does today. It provided a means of social interaction of not only encouraging wellbeing, lifting spirits and morale but is intertwined with the development of the Ratana Movement and is therefore a part of the rich tapestry of our history sanctioned and given approval by the Mangai himself.

If challenged regarding its relevancy of importance, one merely needs to ask a basic question, "How did you meet mum or dad", or "What brought you together". As it was during the 1920's as it is for the ensuing generations. Many of our current generation have been the result of a union, a sparkle in the eye, a relationship formed The author is merely saying that sports and recreation has provided the social context where many of our generation have met that has eventually added to our Morehu Whanau.  I say this with tongue in cheek humour not to vehemently present it as fact but challenge the reader to deny whether there is not an element of truth in what is being suggested.

The objective of this article is to give honor to our past and hopefully provide the reader with a glimpse back into those pioneer days by providing a gallery of photos, interviews and insights from past and present members who wore the colors of the emblem with distinction and pride. For some it will invoke memories and so it should. These photos have associated stories  that if not captured and retained dissipate into the atmosphere like wisps of smoke, and we are all the poorer for it.

I stress that It is important not to isolate sports club on its own even though it is the predominant subject matter of this article. TW Ratana skillfully realised that sports and music through kapa haka and the bands brought the masses together for the purpose of being able to celebrate and share our Maramatanga.

Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club still has many of the current players who are third generation and whose faces are the replica of their tupuna. Seldom have I seen a club play with passion for the tohu that is worn on the jersey and the significance that it has for those that wear it.

Whakamoemiti (giving thanks) before the game after the game is an acknowledged practise without question, as is the unwritten rule you don't start practise at the Pa till about 6:15 once church on the marae is finished. The Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club draws its  true strength in its ability to support the other facets and body parts of our Movement - tournaments, our 25th Hui.

We can only but do our best and hope others do not judge us too harshly for at least giving it a go, and tread in the footsteps of the past and into the future. But more importantly add to the legacy and eventually handover the reins knowing that we left the sports club in a better state than when we first inherited it.

If you have any information that you feel contributes to the Club's history please feel free to contact me
Angel Hamahona