Ratana Community Gym Facility

This was made possible from a grant of $30,000-00 from WDHB Healthy Eating Healthy Action - Maori Commuity Action Fund.  The Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club acknowledges the following:

1. WDHB Healthy Eating Healthy Action.
2. Te Runanga o Ngati Apa
3. Police
4. Ratana Reserves Trust.

On Saturday 17th April 2010, The Ratana Community Gym was officially opened with a launch attended by dignataries and well supported by the community.

Panui regarding use of Ratana Community Gym

He Kororia Hareruia ki a Ihoa o nga Mano
Matua Tama Wairua Tapu
Anahera Pono Mangai Ae

“If you or your whanau that may want to use the Ratana Community Gym have a medical condition that may restrict your ability to exercise we request that you seek medical advice in the first instance as a precaution”.

Question: “Is there a cost?”

Yes - $30-00 per household, payable to Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club to be given to Desiree Docherty directly. A Gym membership form can be picked up from Janet's shop.

This will also cover membership of your whanau that live in your house for those 15yrs upwards until the end of the year – 31/12/10. After this date we will review the membership fees.  Please ensure that we have your name and street address so that a receipt can be provided.

Over 60’s are FREE (To encourage as many of our kaumatua to use the gym also).

Question: “Why is there a charge?”

The Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club is responsible for the use of the building and therefore we need to ensure that costs associated with power, insurance and being able to maintain equipment is covered, we also hope to be able to update our equipment. No one is getting paid.

An account will be set up for income and expenditure and this will be placed on the Ratana Maramatanga Sports Club website for people to access to view for themselves where the money is being used. A copy to be placed in the shop.

Question: “What are the hours of gym use?”

Mon – Sat 8am – 8pm Sun closed for maintenance (We will trial this for now)

During 6-00pm we request that Whakamoemiti be respected, and that it is not used.

Question: ”How do people access the gym?”

1. A key will be made available from Janet's shop and signed out by a Financial Gym member. The key will need to be returned by the same person and not handed to someone else, even if there are other people present in the gym – if you signed for the key you need to return it to the shop after you have finished.

2. If you are the last person in the gym please ensure all power is turned off, windows locked and lock  the door behind you. The next person wanting to use gym if it is locked, can get a key from Janet's shop. If Janet's shop is closed someone will be at the Gym Office

• Because we rely on voluntary help we cannot man the gym for all of the hours that it is open. The Gym is not for children under 15yrs old and the equipment can be dangerous, the rules are clear, we ask that they be respected.

• If you have any concerns or complaints please contact any of the Committee members and we will do our best to respond.

• Please be patient with us as we find the right balance to work the gym in a way that works best for us as a community.

Train well.