Kia O Rahi - Maori Traditional Games

24 January 2010:
Ki O Rahi was introduced as a demonstration sport during the25th Celebrations 2010. Fun held by all and there was many spectators who made enquiries.  Thanks Renata for coordinating this.

As at the 3 November 2009 this game has been introduced to Te Kura o Ratana. A big thanks to Renata Waitai for making the time available to dedicate to this.

KI O Rahi Wananga at Ratana 3 & 4th August 2009 at the Manuao.

The Sports Club acknowledges WDHB and Te Kotuku Hauora for providing the funding and allowing this Wananga to be hosted here in Ratana.

Ki O Rahi is a traditional game played by our ancestors during pre european contact. It was taken overseas to Italy by the Maori Battalion during World War II. It is currently played in 33,000 High Schools in the United States alone. For further information google youtube - Ki O Rahi.

We were fortunate to have Dr Ihirangi Heke of Waikato descent contracted with Ngati Porou Hauora has been responsible for revitalising traditional Maori games by hosting Wananga throughout Aotearoa.

Ki O Rahi can be a physically demanding sport testing stamina, agility, coordination. Although there are non contact and ripper versions of the game collisions are likely. One needs the ball skills of a basketball player, agility of rugby, running and stepping skills come in handy. A number of other games were also taught testing physical prowess, coordination and mental agility. Certain zones restrict players access like netball.

Basic objective there are 2 teams, a ball, one team is attacking trying to score points by hitting the tumu in the middle, the other team stopping the team from hitting the tumu, gaining possession of the ball and trying to score what is equivalent of a try. There are designated zones that only certain players can occupy. The beauty of the game is that the field can be as big as your fitness will allow and with subtle variation of rules, kicking and size of the ball can vary. All this places a different emphasis on skills and strategy required to win the game.

For Ratana the hope is to introduce these into the school curriculum as it is already being played in most of the Kura Kaupapa in Whanganui.

a Youtube video demo of Ki O Rahi can be found on the gallery tab