Learner accounts and payment options

You can view your statements any time via the parent portal using the drop-down details and clicking on Financial.  

Our preferred payment method is electronic banking (direct credit or automatic payments), to avoid cash handling.

You are of course welcome to pay at our school reception, using cash or eftpos. We cannot process credit card payments or Paywave.

When paying electronically, please use your learner's surname and/or student ID number and if necessary list the activity you're paying for in the reference field. 

The Rolleston College bank account number is:

Rolleston College, ASB Rolleston


Reference: (learner's name) 

Student ID: (5-digit KAMAR account number)

We offer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments for your convenience. In financial hardship situations, we are here to support you and your whānau, so please don't hesitate to email us in confidence or call us to discuss.

2024 donations scheme

The Ministry of Education has recently moved its funding model from the school decile system to the new equity index (EQI) system. As part of this change, Rolleston College was eligible to opt in to the donations scheme.  

Given this would lessen the financial burden on our parent/caregiver community, it was a no-brainer for us and in 2024 the Rolleston College Board has chosen to continue to opt in to the scheme. There will still be items that need to be paid for.

So what does this mean for our school community? Opting into the donations scheme each year means the money we receive goes directly into supporting our learners. 

Some items that are exempt from this scheme. These include:

  • Classroom take-home component: where parents have agreed to purchase (e.g., letterbox, item of clothing).

  • Overnight school/kura camps: we can only ask you to donate if it is for an overnight school/kura camp, and then you can choose if you want to pay none, some or all of the donation. If you choose not to donate, your child will be able to attend a camp if it is part of the school's core learning programme (curriculum). 

  • Extracurricular activities including sports, performing arts and cultural activities: if your learner is involved in after-school or weekend sports teams or after-hours cultural activities, these are optional. If you choose for your child to participate, you will be asked to cover the costs of these activities.

  • Stationery items: where parents buy stationery items from the school/kura stationery shop. 

  • Workbooks: optional workbooks that parents have agreed to purchase.

  • Photocopying/printing: for personal or extra-curricular purposes.

  • Non-compulsory hardware or software.

  • Tertiary courses: via a dual enrolment at a tertiary institution.

  • School magazines.

  • The school formal or ball.

For more Information, check out the Ministry's poster.

Contact us with finance enquiries

Finance administrator: Berenice Frankland ([email protected]), 03 930 0085 ext. 4019


The Rolleston College fundraising committee coordinates school-wide fundraising for a variety of purposes and aims to maximise the success of fundraising campaigns, grants, donations and sponsorship.

Read our fundraising guide.