Romahapa School Information

Mission Statement
To ready children for life through high quality learning opportunities provided by competent teachers with community support.

School Type and Description
Romahapa School is a full primary co-educational U2 School in South Otago 

Romahapa School was established in 1856 and in 2016, at time of writing, was 160 years old, the oldest in South Otago.

The school has been rebuilt twice on the present site and the present school buildings are of recent construction.  The latter built in 1983.  It is a two classroom school with a multi purpose room and staffroom.

In 1997 a neighbouring school, Paretai, closed and merged with Romahapa. The school has a current teaching staff of 3.65 for 60 pupils.

The school provides sporting and cultural interaction with other schools to ensure children get a balanced education.

The school participates in Religious Instruction in accordance with the Education Act

The facilities of the school are:

  • Modular adventure playground
  • Trampolines
  • Climbing frames
  • Maypole
  • The school is set on 10 acres of land with Demi Contracting cutting lawns and sheep grazing being used to control the pasture.
  • There are 36 families within the school's community, drawn from an area including the Puerua Valley, Waitepeka, , Glenomaru, Paretai, Otanomomo, Telford, Balclutha and Romahapa.
  • The school has two courtesy coaches that it uses to transport children to school.
  • There is a small rural community made up of farmers, freezing workers, retired folk and commuters to Balclutha and/or Owaka.  Our community at large consists of about  45 families.
  • The community facilities include:
  • Two halls, Tennis Court, Swimming pool, and a Small Museum

The community at large take an interest in the school and are kept informed of activities and developments.

Current Staff:

Mark Preddy - Principal & Shelley Gilder  - teaching Years 5 - 8

Anna Carmichael & Deborah Keach - teaching Years 3 - 4

Bronwyn Cowie - teaching Years 1-3

Sue Iversen - Classroom Teacher Release, Music & Reading Recovery

Nicky Hill - Secretary/Teacher Aide

James Witt - Cleaner

Shona Preddy - Courtesy Coach Driver

BOT Chairperson: Jules Witt                  Phone: 03 4128847

Curriculum Areas:

English              Mathematics

Science            Social Studies

Technology      Physical Education

Health              Music

Art                    Maori

Each child's progress is monitored and assessed throughout the year.

Information Technology

The school has 15 up-to-date PC computers all connected to the internet . The school has a colour photocopier which all computers are connected to. The children all have their own email addresses and information technology is a large part of the programme. The school has just purchased 2 interactive whiteboards - one for each class.

The school also has a digital video and still cameras for use by the students.


The school has a comprehensive range of fiction & non fiction books in a separate library. The catalogue is on computer and the school is looking at developing the area into a library/technology suite.

Education Outside the Classroom

The school has an extensive EOTC programme where all children snow ski for 2 days per year and they also participate in some other form of camping activity.

School Transport

The school has its own courtesy coaches that serves children that wish to come to the school..

Reports & Interviews

Reports on children's progress and interviews for parents/caregivers are held during the year.

Parents and caregivers are welcome to make appointments with staff at any time to discuss their children