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About Us

As a member of the NZ Pony Club Association, we cater for all levels of riders, riders without horses and adults who want to learn horse management to assist their riders.     

Saddleview Pony Club provides a club where like-minded horse and pony lovers can develop friendships, achieve personal goals, gain confidence and where team spirit and participation is fostered. Our members have included adult members, coaches, riding members from lead rein through to experienced riders who have represented Otago/Southland at national competitions.  Our riders without horses members learn horse management and interact with horses and other members, to share their passion for all things equine.

Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and have knowledge and experience across varying equine fields. Our coaches provide quality coaching, with some of our coaches having decades of experience behind them.  We aim to run a fun, full and varied rally program throughout the season. The NZPCA certificate syllabus for riding and horsemanship forms the foundation work at rallies, which is complemented by visiting equine specialists, offsite rallies, games rallies, and club trophy competitions.

New to Pony Club?

Prospective members who have never been a member of pony club before can contact our head coach to discuss options of coming along to visit rallies and discuss membership options before joining.

Rally Days & Times

Rallies are typically held on Tuesday evenings from 5.45pm to approx. 8.00pm from October through April each year (in daylight savings and according to coach availability).  We aim to finish up earlier for younger/beginner riding groups. We may hold weekend rallies from time to time and winter rallies - mounted (venue dependent) and unmounted both  subject to coach availability .   Please contact Amanda or Kathy below for more information. 


  • Icebreaker/Intro Evening TUESDAY 10th OCTOBER @ 6.00pm SHARP - PC Grounds -Miller Park - Abbotsford - opportunity for existing members/riders to come along &  meet up , potential new members to come for a visit, get some information and meet our team - bring your ponies for a casual ride and familiarisation
  • First rally Tuesday 17th October @5.45pm sharp for safety and turnout marking.

Inclusive Environment

Our pony club is about participation, learning, fun, building friendships, teamwork and achieving at whatever level, discipline or activity our riders chose to achieve.  Members do not need to have fancy horses or equipment, our only requirement is that the ponies are safe and well looked after and equipment is safe, fits and is well maintained.  Our head coach can offer assistance and point you in the right direction if you are looking to purchase, borrow or lease a pony and /or equipment.


Our members  have formed teams for Frank Clarke memorial over the last few years  in both ridden and hobby horse teams which incorporated our members without horses.  Pony club offers opportunities for riders to form teams for competitions in horse trials, showjumping, dressage and games.   We are equally as proud of our beginner riders and encourage them to participate with our more experienced riders in rally activities and competitions that cater for them. 


    Our annual fee of $140 per riding/riders without horses members, covers a full 2 terms of learning (there are discounts available for families with multiple members - $115 per 2nd and subsequent member).  Adult members $35.   With around 15 rallies a season, each rally works out at less than $9.00, which is great value for money, to be involved in a club, be out in the fresh air getting exercise, learning multiple skills, having fun and being part of the Saddleview family.


    Name :Amanda Waide-Agnew
    Position :President
    Cell :027 261 5672
    Email :[email protected] 

    Name :
    Kathy Fuller
    Position :
    Head Coach
    Cellphone :
    027 4811051
    Email :
    [email protected]

    Branch email address:  [email protected]

    ​​​​​​​Don't Have a Pony? Parents Aren't Experienced with Ponies? NO PONY?

    Even if you don't own your own pony, you can join pony club, learn lots, be around horses and ponies and work towards Equine Skills Certificates,  badges and the Riders Without Horses certificate (numbers are capped) http://www.nzpca.org/Riders-Parents/Certificates-and-Badges 


    Our members are very welcoming.  Our coaches and experienced parents are happy to share their knowledge and help out where they can. NZPCA also has an Adult Horse Management program - which has been developed for adults and caregivers of new pony club members that are not familiar with the needs and requirements of caring for horses, to be able to meet the basic welfare needs of horses in a safe manner to support their rider.  This programme will only be run subject to demand and coach availability. 


    Keep an eye out for our annual Inexperienced Rider/Junior Day Competition and Fun Day for all riders young and mature  - March 2024

    It caters for lead rein and beginners providing them with a competition that doesn't involve jumping - having games or an obstacle course as a fun alternative. Beginner and junior level jumping commences at 30cm for those that are confident to make a start on jumping. Beginner and junior dressage tests are part of the competition for all, to give young, inexperienced older riders and green horses, a chance to have a go. The competition day is great for young kids, new combinations, young horses, inexperienced riders and mature riders wanting to have some fun.   

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