​​​​​​​Sports Sunday Resources

On May 19th 2024, Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand is collaborating with Global Sports Sunday - a call for churches to express God’s love for people in sport through prayer/karakia.

Are you ready to get in the game? Join us on Aotearoa Sports Sunday to pray for the world of sport! Please download the resources below!

These are images you could display to advertise the upcoming event - maybe in your printed church notices, maybe on the screens in your church - it's up to you! The Prayer Points might be a useful resource for on the day. To download these, right click on the image, and save to your computer.

Digital or Print Church Notice A
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Digital or Print Church Notice B
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Digital or Print Prayer Points
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PDF Resources
These are some resources that might come in handy on the day. A prayer outline and prayer points, some facts about Aotearoa's sporting community and SCNZ's involvement, an interview outline, a short write-up about Aotearoa Sport Sunday, and a full sermon outline are all available below.

Prayer + Prayer Points

Sports Fact Sheet

Interview Questions

Short Write-Up

Full Sermon Outline