Running the show for SCNZ in Wellington & Tasman is Wes Smith.

Wes brings a peaceful strength in his approach to leading this area. After living in Nelson for many years, Wes and the family moved to Wellington in 2022 and have settled at Otaki Beach - what a dream!

Wes is a huge football fan, and in his words “I am a HUGE fan of Newcastle United…I LOVE them.” - so his chaplaincy placement with the Wellington Saints is a new lane for him! When he’s not shaping SCNZ in his area, you’ll find Wes out in the ocean catching waves and riding tubes atop a surfboard.

Wellington & Tasman Sports Chaplain Count: 12 

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2024 Trainings

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a Sports Chaplain. Completing your training through our Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand training programme is mandatory and covers all foundational material needed to become an SCNZ accredited Sports Chaplain. This a blended learning experience with an online course covering 22 topics and 1 day in-person workshop. The online component takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

The next training cohort for 2024 begins on May 13th - don't leave it too late to get in touch!

Workshops - absolute highlights!

In 2023, we had five groups of new chaplains train and each brought their own flare, personality, and faith background. We really value coming together in fellowship for Stronger Together meetings, and workshops, as we learn so much about our new team mates, and hear more about their cultures and backgrounds.

Our workshops are a great way to connect personally and learn through discussion and scenarios.

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Other SCNZ Leaders in the region.

Michaela h​​​​​​​ails from the deep south, and has recently moved to Wellington to enjoy more of the same average weather.

She is in charge of both internal and external communications, maintaining the SCNZ brand, website, and socials.

Growing up, Michaela played rugby, raced BMX, and did figure skating. Sport (in particular BMX) was family time - Michaela and her two brothers all raced, and this took them all across New Zealand. If she’s not designing, Michaela is baking, watching NFL (up the Eagles), playing her fiddle, or up the mountain snowboarding.

Some of our Sporting Partners in Wellington & Tasman

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