Once again the SFC had another fishing trip to D'Urville Island. The team set out 15 minutes late while we waited for Linley. We eventually departed without her. The reason for her failure to turn up was that the trip had been changed from a Sunday to a Saturday (21st March)

The weather was lovely. the scones were their usual delicious taste, and the sea was calm.

The fishing on the day was superb and everyone caught lots of fish. Plenty of Snapper, large Blue Cod, and other species. Lynley B refused to fillet the Sea Perch because the fillet obtained was too small - and she had already filleted some forty Tarakihi. "Anyone wanting Sea Perch can take them home and fillet then themselves!"

At the end of the fishing it was found that we were one cod short of our quota, so we stopped at Bottle Point for one last drop. Within a couple of minutes, everyone had hooked a large Blue Cod - unless they had two baited hooks, where they caught two cod. The largest fish was kept and the rest thrown back!

We left D'Urville Island with LOTS of fish and arrived back in port half an hour earlier than usual.