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Welcome Student Coaches,

Below you will find all the information and inspiration to be a successful student coach this season! Nothing in the world is stronger than a team that supports and sticks with each other! We wish you all the best for your coaching journey. Go give it your best, like always!​​​​​​​

Coaching Websites

Coach for Life

Get unlimited free access to hours of coaching stories, advice and lessons from the best.​​​​​​​


Choose from a range of ready-made practice plans, perfect for your players’ age and stage for Basketball, Football & Golf

SHB Student Coach Diary​​​​​​​

The Student Coach Diary provides everything you will need to plan, manage, inspire and develop your team for each training sessions and games.

Balance is better

Balance is Better is an evidence-based philosophy to support quality sport experiences for all young people, regardless of their ability, needs and motivations.


Netball Resources

Locate all the best coaching resources via Hawke’s Bay Netball’s one-stop-shop & enjoy your most successful season yet!

Hockey Resources

A central space for everything coaching from the latest coaching workshops, to articles, training activities and more.

"Coaching is about 'BELIEF', 'CARE' & 'CONNECTION' when you have all 3, players will play for each other, play for you and fight from start to finish no matter what's in front of them. "

By Shea McAleese – Women's Black Sticks Assistant Coach 

"Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

By Irene van Dyk - Ex Hastings High School Old Girls’ Netball Club - Huia 

"If you nail your fundamental skillsets, your game will know no bounds."

By Tania Karauria - Hawke’s Bay Netball Senior Men’s Head Coach

"The energy you give out is the energy you will receive back. If you’re flat and low on energy, it will likely be reciprocated. Likewise, if you’re energetic and enthusiastic. If you’re having fun, your players will enjoy themselves too."

By Sam McNicol – CHB Rugby Head Coach, HB Hawke's Bay Magpies Assistant Coach and Secondary School Coach Development 

“As a coach, your role is not to have all the answers but to ask the right questions that will help others find their own solutions.” 

By Leon Birnie – NZ U-20s Women Football Head Coach