​​​​​​​The Southerners win SISJ, 2022


Welcome to the home of the South Islan SCd Pony Club Show Jumping Championships.

The 2022 SISJC was hosted by Eyreton Pony Club located within the Mandeville Sports Grounds at 140 North Eyre Road, Ohoka, North Canterbury, on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of January, 2022. 


We are excited to have 34 teams and two individual riders registered to compete in the SISJ Champs for 2022.

All entries have been processed, yards have been allocated and parking areas marked out. A map of the parking areas will be sent out on Sunday 9th of January.

The programme has been printed. It includes the list of officials, the timetable for the two days, the rules that govern the event, running order, helpers list, past winners and risk assessment form. Everyone will get a paper copy of the programme, either in the manager's and coaches packs or in the rider packs. 

The event starts at 9 am on Tuesday the 11th and 8.30 am on Wednesday the 12th.

On Tuesday, the first day of competition,  the Manager's meeting is at 7.45am, the course is open for walking from 8 am, judges are meeting in the Clubhouse at 8.30 am and we get underway at 9am. 


If teams do need to make a last minute change to riders or horses at this late stage, please contact the event secretary so that the correct process can be followed to allow the change to take place. 

Changes to horses or riders need to be signed off by head coaches and district commissioners to ensure the rider has qualified and is safe to ride at the specified height on their mount. Vet and/or medical certificates are required.




Congratulations to Greymouth Pony Club who won the SISJ Championships in 2020.

Hi Everyone

A reminder to everyone that submitted a nomination form to attend the SISJ Champs in January. Your final confirmation entry forms and entry fees are due no later than the 13th of December - that's next Monday! 

The entry forms were sent out to every South Island Pony Club branch by NZPCA on the 11th of November at the end of the SISJ Champs November Newsletter. This newsletter outlined all of the costs for entering this event including yarding, camping, ground fees and the first aid levy. The forms can also be downloaded from the SISJ Champs sporty website or our Facebook page. 

In line with the Covid Protection Framework, vaccine passports are a condition of entry for all riders and their supporters at the 2022 SISJ Champs. Please email copies of your vaccine passports for all riders and supporter older than 12 year 3 months at the 10th of January 2022 with your entry forms to sisjchamps@eyretonponyclub.co.nz

It's a busy time of year so please don't leave you entry forms, team profiles and vaccine passports to the last minute - some forms will need to be signed by Head Coaches and District Commissioners and the SISJ Guardians before being submitted – please allow time for this. 

If you have any question or queries email us at the above address or call our Club Secretary, Sam Venning, 021 443 786.


The SISJ Champs Host Committee (at Eyreton Pony Club)