Grants Criteria

For a copy of our current Grants Criteria - click the button on the top left-hand side.

Applying for a Grant

Grant applications are open Tuesday 26th March 2024, closing date - Monday 13th May 2024 by 5pm.

Next Funding Round

The Trustees wish to advise that applications for the next round of funding opens Tuesday 26th March 2024.

Increase the Likelihood of a Successful Grants Request

Listed below are a few comments and suggestions from the Trustees that may assist you to develop grants applications for the Trust:

  • The number and quality of grant requests and the funds available change every year and as you would expect usually there simply are not enough funds available to support all requests– so having an application that provides some flexibility so the Trustees may be able to support part of your request is sensible – in other words- break the request into 2 or more components.
  • The Trustees are keen to see funds channelled to the growth of the game – particularly youth. Participation, skills development including leadership, team skills etc and improving health and fitness are important. Development projects will have priority over Grant requests for equipment and uniforms.
  • The important and necessities are preferred over the “nice to have” projects.
  • Please clearly communicate what the funds are required for and why they are important.
  • The Trustees prefer projects that show that people or organizations applying are also putting some effort in. Example: A project where the Club members are providing the labour with a request for financial assistance for resources/ materials/ equipment or repairing existing assets rather than buying new and throwing out the existing materials etc.