Read on for the Event Schedule, Pre-Race Information, Event Day Information and Post-Race Information.

 Date Time Event
 Wednesday 5 October 5.00pm Online entries close

 Saturday 8 October 1pm-4pm Athlete Check-in at Invercargill Athletics clubrooms, Surrey Park, Invercargill

 4.00pm Manual Entries close

 Sunday 9 October 7.50am Briefing for Marathon

 8.00am Marathon starts

 9.35am Briefing for 10 Miler

 9.45am 10 Miler starts

 9.50am Briefing for 10km

 10.00am 10km starts

 10.05am Briefing for 5km

 10.15am 5km starts

 1.00pm Prizegiving; Stead Street wharf

Pre-Race Information

Race Day

All events start and finish at the Stead Street wharf, Invercargill.

Please ensure you have your race number visibly attached to your front using safety pins supplied, and your transponder timing chip tag attached to your shoe via the lace. Transponders do not have to be returned. 

Your official race time will be taken using the transponder timing chip.

Fitness and Training

You should ensure you are fit enough and have trained well for your chosen event.  If you are unsure please check with your medical practioner.  A 10 week training guide will be available on our Training page courtesy of Lance Smith.


Parking is available along Bond Street and surrounding side streets, then it's a short walk to the start area. Please don't park on any grass areas.

Road Closures

There are no road closures on the course, therefore all participants must obey all road safety rules and follow instructions from marshals at all times.

This event takes place on a public walkway/cycleway which is part of the Te Araroa trail.  Please be mindful of cyclists and other runners coming behind you.  Treat all other users with kindness and courtesy, they also have a right to enjoy the pathway. 

Event Day Information

Race Rules

Safety is paramount. The long-term viability of the event hinges on a good safety record. Organisers have taken all possible steps to ensure safety of competitors and the public but we need your help! 

All entrants must abide by the following rules: 

  • The race number must be worn on the front and must not have any part removed or disfigured. 
  • There are no road closures and entrants must obey all road safety rules. 
  • Entrants must follow instructions from marshals at all times. 
  • All entrants must attend the race briefing held at each start line. Failure to do so may result in the competitor being withdrawn from the race. 
  • Runners must not be paced or accompanied by cyclists, or un-entered runners. Support vehicles must park only in designated areas, well off the road and clear of competitors. 
  • No dogs allowed (excluding service dogs).
  • Use of iPods and portable music devices is strongly discouraged, however if you are going to use one, please either turn the volume down or use the device with one ear bud in. You must be able to hear safety messages and marshals instructions.
  • If a participant becomes unwell or in distress race officials have the right to withdraw them from the race.

Bag Drop

We care for our environments so we ask that you please supply your own gear bag to be left at the start/finish line. These bags should be clearly labelled with your name and race number.

Aid Stations

The following is a list of the aid stations on the course. Water will be available at all aid stations.  Electrolyte fluid will be available at some aid stations. 


  • approximately 4km, 10km, 16km, 21km, 25km, 31.5km, 37.5km

10 Miler

  • approximately 4km, 11.5 km, 


  • 4km, 5.5km

Marathon entrants who wish to have their own special drinks/food left at aid stations, please bring them to the start line by 7.30am.  They must be clearly marked with your name and race number and the aid station you want them placed at.


Toilets/portaloos will be available at the start/finish line and at the aid stations along the course:


This is an out and back course.  Entrants in the 5km, 10km and 10 miler will complete one lap of their respective course. 

Marathon runners will complete two laps of their course.  At the halfway point (which is near the finish line) you will be directed where to turn to start the second lap.

Post-Race Info

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held at the Stead Street wharf. Refreshments will be served from 12.00pm. Prize giving will start at 1.00pm. 

Prizes & Trophies 

Prize money will be awarded to the first three place getters in the Open and Masters Categories (Male and Female) for the Marathon and 10 Miler events.

Marathon and 10 Miler

All marathon and 10 Miler finishers will receive a medal upon completing the race.

Spot Prizes

All competitors will be eligible for spot prizes, and these will be predrawn and available after you cross the finish line. For the major spot prizes you must be at the prize giving to receive your prize. 

Results and Photos

Results will be posted within 24 hours of the event. Photos will be available in the week following the event.