​​​​​​​Participants are to put their name & contact details on the trip list at meetings or contact the trip leader prior to the trip.

Please do not turn up unexpected.


SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE RULES (d)(i) and (d)(ii) of the Southland Tramping Club Inc.   I/we, the undernamed hereby apply to be carried at my/our sole risk and expense on the transport to be arranged by and under charter to the said club from the designated trip pick up point to the above destination or such other destination as the committee or trip leader may decide and be returned to the drop off point.   I/we understand that in the event of my/our default that I/we become liable to contribute to the cost of obtaining such transport, party food, accommodation and any other cost.   TERMS OF THE RULES: In the terms of rule (1), The Southland Tramping Club Inc. reserves the right to refuse the application of any person who, in the opinion of the Club Captain, Trip Leader or Committee is (a) Physically unfit, (b) has not sufficient experience, (c) has not adequate equipment, or (d) Any other reason the applicant may disrupt or delay the trip.​​​​​​  

By partipating on a trip you are agreeing that any photos taken can be used on either this Website, Facebook or Instagram unless otherwise adivsed to President or Club Captain​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​June  - Sunday 23rd  – Map and Compass Instruction (No Cost) (D/I)

Meet 9:50 am at 173 Grant Rd Otatara.   Getting people together so we can start by 10:00 am.   This session is designed to get people familiar with what your map and compass are telling you and is limited to map and Compass only with a just a brief mention about GPS’s and how to use that App on your phone.   The day will start with a short Powerpoint describing where the bits of Planet Earth lie and how that affects your navigation.   The rest of the morning will be taken up with getting Maps out, looking at what 2 dimensional Maps can tell you about a 3 dimensional world.   Then we will be looking at how you compass interacts with your map, how to orientate your map and how you can find out where on the map you are by using your compass and features on the ground.

Lunch Break – Bring some lunch - Tea, Coffee & Hot Choc (with marshmallows) provided.

After lunch we will take the compasses outside into Bushy Point to see how you get on working in a group doing a few exercises.   Should be finished by 3:00 pm (ish).   You will need a silva type compass, Maps supplied, suitable outdoor footwear and clothing, lunch

I have limited this to a maximum of 6 people, any more gets too unwieldy in our house with Maps and things out

Booking essential by Wednesday 19th June.   Preference given to financial STC Members who book on or before Wednesday 12th June (meeting night)

           Contact Barry  txt or email:   c.027 22 88 980   [email protected]

July - Wednesday 10th Club Meeting - Last day for photo's to be entered

July - Saturday 6th - Pot Luck Tea (S)

Come along with a plate (with your favourite food on it) and share what everyone else brings, and enjoy a social evening with others.  Starting at 6pm at 84 Woodlands Morton Mains Road Woodlands. BYO.

          Contact Sandra - [email protected]

July - Sunday 7th  - Castledowns Wetlands (listed by Rural Women (E/W)

An opportunity to assist in replanting or weeding at the Wetlands which we are trying to restore, or just wander round the tracks and check on progress

           Contact Ann I 027 656 9319

July - Saturday 27th - Monday 29th - Luxmore (M/O)

Option 1 - Walk to Luxmore and stay overnight and return Sunday

Option 2 - Walk to Luxmore on Sat, lazy/explore day Sun, and return Monday

        Contact Anne 0274 804 995

August - Wednesday 14th Club Meeting - Photo Competition Showing

August - Sunday 11th - Castledowns Wetlands (listed by Rural Women (E/W)

An opportunity to assist in replanting or weeding at the Wetlands which we are trying to restore, or just wander round the tracks and check on progress

           Contact Ann I 027 656 9319

August - Saturday 24th - Te Rere - Annual Planting Day/Visit (D/W)

Listed on behalf of NZ Forest & Bird) Booking Essential by 16th August

Tentative Departure Point, Fieldwick gates, 8:30 am.

Travel out to Progress Valley and make our way to the Te Rere Planting site.   We will be assisting Forest and Bird along with bother volunteers from the SIT, Dunedin and where ever else they come from.   There will be a short walk as the last part of the track is not suitable for the mini busses, some 4WD vehicles will be available to take gear in that last wee bit.   After a brief introduction planting will get under way with the 500 plants delivered from Pukereau Nursery.   After planting has finished and a spot of lunch a short talk will be held from the trustees of the place before we head off to see if we can spot any Yellow Eyed Penguins returning to the forested area.   We will return to Invercargill about 6:00 pm.   Bring your lunch and suitable warm / wet weather clothing and footwear.

          Contact: Barry   e: [email protected]

September - Wednesday 11th Club Meeting - Nic White Mt Everest Trip

​​​​​​​September - Sunday 15th - Annual Planting Day (D/W)  (Listed on behalf of Otatara Landcare Group)  No Booking Required – Just turn up

Please arrive at the planting site, No: 5 Bryson Rd, Otatara by 9:45 for a Welcome and Safety Briefing and we will be started planting around 10:00 am.   We generally have a good crowd of adults and children of all ages.   As usual we will have about 1000 plants to put in the ground and to put plant protectors around.   The day will finish with a Bar-b-q lunch at around Mid-Day

This planting day will be part of our 25th jubilee Year celebrations.   As of March 2024 we have put nearly 20,000 hours and over 35,000 native trees into an area of about 7 Hectares.   Please come and join us and be a part of this celebration.

         Contact: Barry   e: [email protected]

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​September - Sunday 22nd - Castledowns Wetlands (listed by Rural Women (E/W)

An opportunity to assist in replanting or weeding at the Wetlands which we are trying to restore, or just wander round the tracks and check on progress

           Contact Ann I 027 656 9319


October - Friday 4th - Sunday 6th - Rakiura Challenge Marshalls (O/E) (Full)

       Contact Anne 0274 804 995

October - Wednesday 9th Club Annual General Meeting

​​​​​​​October - Friday 18th - Sunday 20th - Homer Stoat Trapping (W/O) 

This is a work trip, checking traps and rebaiting and we will be staying in the Homer Hut over the weekend.  Leaving Invers as soon as possible on Friday, spend Saturday and Sunday checking traps and return on Sunday evening.  If you would like to come please let me know asap because Homer Hut is now on a booking system and I have to book a bunk for each person.

         Contact Anne 0274 804 995

November - Wednesday 13th Club Meeting

December - Wednesday 11th Club Meeting


January 5-12th - Biking A2O (TBC)

        Contact Richelle 027 487 0627

April 5-13th - Biking Nelson  (Trip Full with a waiting list available)

        Contact Anne T 027 253 4934


(D) Day Trip                         (S)  Social                               (B) Biking

(E)  Easy 1-4 hours             (K) Kayaking                           (I)  Instructional

(M)  Medium 4-8 hours     (W) Track Maintenance/Planting                           

(F)  Fit 8-24hrs                    (V) Volunteer (stoat trapping)       

(O)  Overnight                       


Should a party be late returning, inquiries can be made to Emergency Contact Person nominated by the Trip Leader or the Club Captain.


This trip list is subject to alteration.

Trip leaders will advise when and where trips depart

Listing of name for a trip will commit a person to pay the full transport cost plus food. Refund only by written application to the Committee.

The  Trip Leader has the right to refuse the inclusion of any person who, in the opinion of the President and Club Captain is physically unfit, has not sufficient experience, or has not adequate equipment.


Check with Trip Leader or contact any Committee member regarding the minimum gear requirements  or check under General Info on website.