Index to Constitution, Objects & Rules

  1. Constitution
  2. Objects
  3. Membership
  4. Life Membership
  5. Suspension & Termination of Membership
  6. Alteration of Constitution, Objects & Rules
  7. Annual General Meeting
  8. General Meetings
  9. Quorum
  10. Voting
  11. Proxies
  12. Committees
  13. Appointment of Reviewer
  14. Common Seal
  15. Control & Investment of Funds
  16. Borrowing Powers
  17. Financial Year
  18. Financial Member
  19. Regulations
  20. Winding Up


 1. Constitution, Objects & Rules

  1. THE name of this Club shall be “Southland Tramping Club Incorporated”

            (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) and its registered office shall be in


  2.  Objects

  1. THE objects of the Club shall be:-

  1. To encourage and promote tramping and allied recreational activities.

  1. To encourage and assist with development and/or conservation of tramping areas, particularly in the southern regions of New Zealand for the enjoyment of people engaged in tramping and allied recreational activities.

  1. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

  3.   Membership
  1. (a) Membership of the Club shall be open to persons 16 years of age and over who shall be admitted at the discretion of the Committee.

     (b) Applicants for membership of the Club shall pay to the Treasurer a sum of money equal to one               years subscription to the Club, or such a lesser amount as the Committee may deem necessary.

           (c)  Acceptance of this subscription shall in no way prejudice the right of the committee to decline or accept any application for membership.

  4.  Life Membership

  1. ON the recommendation of the committee any person who has outstanding service to the Club, or to the furtherance of its objects, may be elected a Life Member at any General Meeting of the Club, and shall thereafter be entitled to all the priviledges or membership without paying the annual subscription.  A two-thirds majority of those members present and those voting by proxy shall be necessary for such election.

   5. Suspension and Termination of Membership

  1. (a) After first giving a person an opportunity of being heard, the Club Committee may expel from the Club, or deny the privileges of membership, or suspend for any period , or reprimand any member who in the Committee’s judgement has wilfully infringed these rules, or any regulations made thereunder, or who is guilty of conduct rendering that person unfit to be a member of the Club.

            (b) Any person shall cease to be a member of the Club who:

  1. Gives notice of his or her resignation in writing to the Secretary; or

  2. Fails to pay the annual subscription fixed under these rules after due demand for payment has been made; or

  3. Is expelled by the Committee.

  6. Alteration of Constitution, Objects & Rules

  1. (a)  The Constitution, Objects or Rules of the Club may be altered, added to, or rescinded, by a majority of at least two-thirds of those members present and those members voting by proxy at any General Meeting of the Club duly called.

  1. Notice of any proposed alteration, addition to, recision of the constitution, objects, or rules of the Club must be given with the notice calling the General Meeting.

  7. Annual General Meeting

  1. (a) The Club shall hold its Annual General Meeting in October or as soon as possible thereafter in each year for:

  1.    The election of the Club Committee and appointment of the auditor for the ensuing year, and

  2. The presentation of the Annual Report and Financial Statements, and

  3. The Determination of the Annual Subscription for the ensuing year, and

  4. Any other business.

  8. General Meetings

  1. (a) The Club Committee may call a General Meeting.  

            The Club Committee may at any time call a General Meeting of the Club.

  1. Members may requisition a General Meeting

A General Meeting shall be called upon a requisition to the Club’s Secretary signed by fifteen (15) members specifying the resolution(s) to be moved at the meeting requisitioned.  Notices of the meeting shall be posted within twenty-one (21) days of the Club’s Secretary receiving the requisition.

  1. Notice of Annual General Meeting

At least fourteen (14) clear days notice of an Annual General Meeting shall be given to every member stating time and place and business to be transacted, at the meeting.

  1. Effect of Lack of Notice of General Meeting

If no notice or insufficient notice is given of a General Meeting or if any business, except routine business, not mentioned in the notice is transacted at a General Meeting, the resulting resolutions shall be ineffective until fourteen (14) days after the meeting.  If within that period 25 members not present at the meeting, signed and sent to the Club Secretary an objection to the resolution(s) passed at the meeting, a postal ballot or General Meeting shall be held and the resolution(s) objected to shall remain ineffective unless and until carried as a result of the ballot.

  9. Quorum

  1. THE quorum for any General Meeting (including the Annual General Meeting shall be not less than 10 members, such members being present within 30 minutes of the time for which the meeting was called.

   10. Voting at Meetings

  1. (a) No person shall vote in a General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting provided for in these rules who is not a financial member or Life Member of the Club.

  1. At all meetings of the Club and at all meetings of the Committee of the Club, the chairperson shall have an ordinary vote, and in the event of a tie, exercise a casting vote.

  1. Voting for the election of members of the Committee shall be by secret ballot.

  1. Voting on all other matters shall be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is requested by five (5) or more members present at the meeting in which case a secret ballot shall be conducted.

   11. Proxies

  1. ANY member unable to attend a General Meeting may vote by proxy, provided that member notifies the Club Secretary of such a proxy no later than the day before the meeting to which the proxy relates.

   12. Committee

      1.   At the Annual General Meeting, the Club shall elect the following officers of the Club:

(a)   President, Vice President, Club Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Administrator, and up to four other Committee members.

(b)   Those persons elected or appointed to office shall constitute the Club Committee together with the Immediate Past President who shall be an ex-officio member of such Committee for one year.  

(c)   No person shall hold office in the Club unless he or she was a financial member at the time of the election to such office.

(d)   The committee may fill any casual vacancy in its numbers by appointing a new member who shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

(e)    Any Committee member unable to attend a Committee Meeting may appoint a proxy.

(f)    No person shall retain the same office for more than three consecutive years but may be re-elected to the same office after the expiration of one year.

(g)    The Committee shall have the power to transact the ordinary business of the Club and to authorise expenditure necessary to carry on such ordinary business and may appoint sub-committees as required.

(h)    The quorum for Committee meetings shall be not less than four members, such members being present within 30 minutes of the time for which the meeting was called.

   13. Appointment of Reviewer

THE Club shall at the Annual General Meeting, appoint a reviewer who shall audit the Club’s books of account and express an opinion as to the correctness of the financial statements presented at the Annual General Meeting.

   14. Common Seal

THE Common Seal of the Club shall be kept by the Club Secretary and affixed only pursuant to a resolution of the Club Committee and in the presence of the Club Secretary and two members of such Committee,  all three of whom shall sign the instrument to which the Seal is affixed.

   15. Control and Investment of Funds

(a)   The Club Committee shall control all Club funds and shall open or authorise the opening of such bank accounts as it deems necessary and for such terms as it seems fit.

(b)    Any two of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer may sign cheques and negotiate instruments of the Club’s account(s).

   16. Borrowing Power

THE Club Committee may borrow for and in the name of the Club such sums and upon such terms as it deems necessary and may give as security for the repayment of the sum borrowed and interest thereon such security as it deems appropriate.

   17. Financial Year

Opens on the first day of September in one year and shall be closed on the 31st day of August the following year.  The intervening period shall be known as the Financial Year of the Club.

   18. Financial Member

A Financial Member of the Club is defined as a member who at the time of the holding of the Annual General Meeting required under Rule 7 of these rules, shall have paid the annual subscription due for the Financial Year ending 31st of August immediately prior to the holding of such Annual General Meeting, or for the current financial year.

   19. Regulations

 The Club Committee shall have the power to make and rescind regulations consistent with these rules for the management of the Club.

   20. Winding Up

(a)   Provided that all the Club’s liabilities have been discharged, the Club may be wound up by the resolution of a two thirds majority of members present at a General Meeting convened for that purpose.

(b)    Upon such winding up, the funds and property of the Club shall be distributed by payment or transfer to such organisations having objects similar to those of the Club as the majority of members present at the winding up meeting shall determine.

(c)    No resolution to wind up the Club shall be valid unless it determines to which organisation the Club’s funds and property are to be paid or transferred.

The common Seal of SOUTHLAND


Hereto affixed in the presence of

President:  Anne McDermott

Secretary:  Sandra Napper

Treasurer:  Elizabeth Simonka

Updated 8th October 2019