Rule Change Guide

Speedway NZ has two different processes for changing the rules. 

Please see below for an explanation and 'how to' for the two processes. 

I want to change a Technical Rule

The New Technical Rule Change Submissions Process

  • Submissions that impact Safety in the sport can be made at any time.
  • Submissions that impact Performance, Cost or Other may only be made between 1st Feb – 28th (29th) Feb each year. 
  • Outcomes of Technical Submissions will be announced by 31st May following the consultation process. This will enable stakeholders to prepare for the upcoming season with a set of rules that, except in the instance of safety, won’t change.

How do you make a Submission?

To prevent frivolous rule changes and realise the due diligence required to make a rule change, the technical rule change process has been made more robust.

You must submit the following items for a rule change to be presented for the consultation process:

  • The current rule highlighting the changes you wish to make.
  • Supporting Evidence for the change.
  • All submissions require written support of five Speedway NZ members. This must include two Speedway NZ Member Tracks that contract the class to demonstrate support from Stakeholders.

How do changes happen?

The Speedway NZ Board weigh up the merits of submissions based on the Sports Strategic Plan, along with feedback from stakeholders of the class, which also includes technical committee and track input.

I want to change a Racing Rule

Racing rules can only be changed every two years at the Annual General Meeting. 
The Submission period is open for 60 days and starts in March/April prior to AGM.

Submitting a Racing Rule change:

To submit a rule change you must be a member of Speedway NZ. That includes Competitors, Tracks, Life members, and Officials

A submission must state:

  1. Name of submitter 
  2. The current rule in the rulebook (if this is a new rule then state no current rule)
  3. The new rule you wish to submit with change clearly highlighted. Proposed new rules must be documented as a rule including rule number, Speedway NZ has no power to change what you submit. DO NOT submit an “idea”, it must be a rule ready to put straight into the rulebook.
  4. Email your submission to [email protected]

Constitution (C), General (M), Safety (S), Demolition Derby (D) and Equipment (E) rules follow the same process as Racing rules

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How do changes happen?

Two delegates from each track get to vote on racing rules (R) for classes that they contract.

Two delegates from each track get to vote on Constitution (C), General (M), Safety (S), Demolition Derby (D) and Equipment (E) rules.