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It’s a fact that more New Zealanders are spending increasing hours at work with full-time hours clocking up over the standard 40-hour week.

As a result, we are not only working longer hours but the latest Southern Cross Health Society Wellness Report (2017) showed that stress/anxiety levels have risen again.  We know this leads on to a reduction in staff production levels and increased sick leave, with illness becoming a direct cost to employers of typically $600 - $1000 annually per employee.

The good news is there is now recognition that wellness programmes can boost factors like staff engagement, productivity and retention. This is where Active Workplaces comes in.

The Active Workplace programme is designed around what workplaces and staff can do to create and foster a healthier workplace.

Focused wellbeing areas include polices/procedures, general wellbeing, mental wellbeing, nutrition, activity and stop smoking, to name a few. The choice of focus is up to each workplace with easy and fun initiatives enhancing morale and the work environment.

Over the 12-month period with the Active Workplace programme wellness plans are created for staff based on their wants and needs in an interactive, time efficient way.

What would your workplace choose?

  • Active Workplace Virtual Step Challenge/Insights Forum
  • Team building
  • Mindful eating/nutrition
  • Team events
  • Health checks (bio impedance scan)
  • Ray White Hatea Loop Challenge


Sharon Adams, Active Workplace Coordinator
[email protected]
0277 767 010

Here’s what our Active Workplaces have to say:

​​​​​​​“Participating in the Active Workplace Programme, along with being supported by Sport Northland has given MSD an important opportunity to reflect on how we can support staff wellness, and has allowed us to embed processes around providing opportunities for being active, healthy and well at work”

Ministry of Social Development – Northland

“The Active Workplace programme encourages an inclusive harmonious work environment that values staff and each other.”

Insights Forum 2018

“Right from the outset Active Workplaces went to great lengths to understand the unique challenges and barriers our industry and workforce face and came up with unique ways for our team around workplace wellness.”

Felice Croft – HR and HSE Manager, Croft Poles

Active Workplace Coordinator Sharon Adams services all interested workplaces from the Far North through to Whangarei and Kaipara areas, with any size business being most welcome to come on board.

​​​​​​​Email Sharon [email protected] or phone 0277 767 010 for more information or to sign up.