If you have a potential project or programme that meets our

criteria, please have a kōrero initially with one of our

Community Team below 

Providing funding for projects, programmes or initiatives in the Top of the South, Sport Tasman manages Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa on behalf of Sport NZ in our region.

Te kaupapa o Tū Manawa i a Sport Tasman: The purpose of Tū Manawa at Sport Tasman

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for programmes or projects that activate and deliver play, active recreation and sport experiences for tamariki and rangatahi that are easily accessible and strive to create a lifelong love of being physically active.  As this is an activation fund, priority will be given to programmes or projects that provide new experiences for those young people who are less active and more likely to be faced with inequitable opportunities to be physically active.

Given funds are limited, our expectation is that any organisation who wishes to apply for funding fully understands the criteria, targets their application towards one and not multiple priority groups, have clearly identified insights to indicate why the programme or project is needed (after including the voice of the prospective participants as part of the insights) and has connected with one of our Community Team for a kōrero to discuss the proposed programme or project before applying.

Aligned with our vision of “Equitable participation opportunities and experiences so all young people have equal opportunities to be physically active,” we are interested in programmes or projects that aim to address inequity and provide equal opportunities for young people to be physically active. Our 2023/24 priorities will be towards:

  • Tamariki and Rangatahi in lower socioeconomic (higher deprivation) communities
  • Girls and young women (5-18 years)
  • Māori tamariki and rangatahi
  • Disabled tamariki and rangatahi

Applicants need to provide evidence, including from tamariki and rangatahi (participant voice), to clearly demonstrate the participants are genuinely interested and engaged in being part of the proposed programme or project. Applicants should therefore engage with tamariki and rangatahi to determine what activities they want to participate in, as well as understanding their barriers and we expect this information to be provided as part of the application. Please feel free to contact and talk to one of our Community Team to provide help, guidance and suggestions with this.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from a wide range of organisations. Please note however that funded entities must have legal status. If you want to apply but do not have legal status, we suggest you consider partnering with a qualifying (legal) entity.

The following are examples of who can apply:

  • Hapu, Iwi, Marae, Māori organisations
  • Incorporated Societies
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Local and Regional Councils
  • For-Profit businesses/commercial organisations and social enterprise
  • Primary/Intermediate schools/Kura
  • Secondary schools/Wharekura
  • Tertiary Education/Whare Wananga

What can be funded?

This is an activation fund that is intended to help cover the costs that are directly associated with the delivery of your activity. These costs might also address any barriers that prevent participants accessing your activity. They may include:

  • Programme or project delivery (e.g. venue or equipment hire, transport to the event)
  • Equipment, providing it is an essential part of the programme or project
  • Coaches and officials, where these are required for the delivery
  • Delivery staff wages (e.g. activity leader, coordinator) where they are not already funded from other sources, up to a  maximum of $30 per hour

We are interested in receiving applications that  take innovative approaches to engaging our priority groups of tamariki and rangatahi in lower socioeconomic (higher deprivation) communities; Girls and young women (5-18 years); Māori tamariki and rangatahi and Disabled tamariki and rangatahi in quality tākaro/play, ngā mahi a te rēhia/active recreation and Hākinakina auraki/sport experiences that meet their needs.

Who cannot apply?​​​​​​​

The following are examples of who are not able to apply:

  • National and Regional organisations who already receive Partnership Investment from Sport NZ
  • Individuals
  • Professional or semi-professional sports teams and organisations
  • Government agencies and their regional branches (e.g. Te Whatu Ora, Oranga Tamariki)
  • Early Learning Services

In addition, organisations will not be able to apply if they have a currently funded programme or project underway or completed, for which Sport Tasman has not received and signed off on, an accountability report for that programme or project.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What can't be funded?

The fund does not cover:

  • Costs that are not directly required for the provision of the activity that you are applying for (such as salaries or wages for existing staff, administrative overheads etc)
  • ​​​​​​​Costs that are already funded through other sources
  • Costs of retrospective projects or activities (those that have already been completed or held)
  • Costs associated with professional athletes, professional sports teams, academies or representative teams
  • Capital costs (e.g. facility development and maintenance, playgrounds)
  • Medals, prizes, giveaways, spot prizes, uniforms, team apparel
  • ​​​​​​​Administration and ongoing costs (e.g. rent, internet, power)
  • Water Skills for Life lessons or transport for WSFL lessons
  • Swimming lessons as part of in school curriculum time delivery
  • School camps that are part of normal curriculum activity
  • School sports administrator/coordinator roles

Delivery in a school/kura setting

We want to ensure that Tū Manawa funding does not replace curriculum delivery, or inadvertently cause confusion about the roles and responsibilities of teachers/Kaiako and external providers. For that reason, when planned activities involve external providers other than school personnel and occur during class time, there is an additional mandatory step in the application process.

This involves a discussion  between the school/kura and the external provider about the planned activity. The "Implementation in a school/kura setting" form has been created to guide this discussion.

Please complete the form and upload it to your application when applying. The link to the form is below. It is important to be clear on what all parties are trying to achieve and consider how the programme or project supports building relationships, making use of local and community resources and connections to ultimately ensure better outcomes for students and their learning.

Please note you do not need to complete this form for projects that occur within a school/kura setting that are either before or after school, during lunchtime and breaks, or for applications that only involve school personnel.

Ngā Tikanga o Tū Manawa: The Application Process

Before beginning an application:

1.  Please review the resources information below.

2.  Contact one of our Community Team below, to discuss your proposed programme or project so we can help ensure your application is aligned. Who to contact in the first instance will depend on which priority community your programme or project intends to focus on.

 Priority Contact Email Address
Tamariki and Rangatahi in lower socioeconomic (high deprivation) communitiesRyan Edwards[email protected]
Girls and young women (5-18 years)Lesley McIntosh[email protected]
Māori tamariki and rangatahiDavid Norgate[email protected]
Disabled tamariki and rangatahiGeorgia Ewers[email protected]
Primary school related programmesStephanie Elliott[email protected]
Secondary school related programmesAnita Currie[email protected]

3.  In previous rounds, the upper limit has been $5,000 for fast Funds and $30,000 for Open Fund rounds. For the current process, we will not be distinguishing between fast fund or open fund rounds, so the funding amount under consideration should be discussed during consultation with a member of our Community Team. However, due to the high demand for funding we do not expect applications for more than $30,000. To allow responsiveness to community needs as well as opportunities for innovative activation thinking and partnerships, anything greater than this will be considered but will be scrutinised even more by our community teams and external panel. 

Also note, any decision is likely to take longer, for those applications requesting higher amounts of funds.

Any applications under $10,000 will be assessed by an internal Sport Tasman panel with applications over $10,000 being assessed by an external decision panel that includes community members. 


Wā Putea / Funding dates

Funding Round

Opening Dates

Closing Dates




Apply now once you have:

1.    Reviewed the resources, understood what can and cannot be applied for, are targeting one of our priority communities and have insights to demonstrate the need for your programme or project including evidence from tamariki and/or rangatahi.

2.    Discussed your programme or project with one of our Community Team to ensure it aligns and meets our criteria. Note that even though discussion with our team is a prerequisite, it does not immediately guarantee application approval.​​​​​​​

When will I hear if my application is successful or not?

Decisions are made following Internal or External Decision making Panel meetings that are to be held within the following month after the round has closed. Please consider that it may take up to two months to approve the application and, if you are successful, to put an agreement in place. Therefore, we recommend applying at least 6 to 8 weeks before funding is required. We will, however, aim to contact applicants about the outcomes within 3 to 4 weeks of closing date of the round.

Approved Tū Manawa Funding Applications for all rounds 2020 - 2024 - see below


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