Ride On Cycle Skills Programme in Nelson/Tasman

Growing capable and confident and safe cyclists.

The Ride On Cycle Skills Programme is designed to teach children of all ages the necessary skills and competencies to be safe and confident when cycling on roads and around traffic. The fun, activity based sessions encourage participants to develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment before putting them to practice on the road (on road for older kids only). As well as improving their coordination, balance and general motor skills.

The Ride On Programme is based on NZTA’s Cycle Skills Training guidelines and uses qualified and experienced instructors, small learning groups and real life simulations to teach safe urban riding skills. Students are encouraged to bring their own bike and helmet, although we do have a small number available for loan, on request. We also have a wooden skills circuit made up of ramps, corners and a seesaw that is available for school sports days and community events.

Ride On is proud to offer a variety of different sessions for different age groups and abilities:

Scooter Skills- Years 1 - 3

90 minute lesson including school based games, handling and skills. As well as footpath and driveway demonstrations to teach reversing car hazards and traffic awareness.

Grade 1 Bike – Years 4 – 6 Control & Master

This 3 hour session encourages children to develop basic bike control skills.  They are given the confidence to use their bike more often.  The course playground based with a number of game based activities to make the programme fun and enjoyable.

Grade 2 Bike – Year 7 & 8  See, Be Seen, Communicate

Grade 2 training is up to 7 hours (conducted over 11/2 days) undertaken on the road in the traffic environment, beginning with lightly trafficked roads with a single lane in each direction.  Grade 2 trainees gain knowledge of observation techniques and hazard awareness for cycling on-road.  They gain defensive cycling strategies, some road rules, and how to cycle on the road, including the importance of cycling in the appropriate lane position (to ‘see and be seen’) for a variety of simple traffic situations.

Cycle Skills Trailer:

Our modular-timber cycle skills course is a challenge for all age groups. Providing a unique riding experience to teach and develop balance, vision, braking, cornering and coordination- it is the perfect addition for community events and school based adventure learning.

For more information or to register please contact Anita Currie - Cycling Coordinator [email protected]  or phone 021 295 7964

Ride On is a joint initiative between Sport Tasman and the Nelson City and Tasman District Councils, with funding from Waka Kotahi.