Squash Auckland holds regular Rules Evenings where players can learn about the rules of squash in a fun, informative session which include Q&A's where you can ask for answers to those questions you've always wanted to know.  Keep an eye out for the details of upcoming Rules Nights.

We also recommend all players to complete the online Club Referee exam. This is a great starting point for both new and experienced players to ensure you can be confident of the rules.  The Club Referee qualification is valid for two years from the date of completion. 

Officiating Introduction

Online Club Referee Exam

The exam consists of 50 multi-choice questions and can be fully completed online through the Squash NZ website.  The Club Referee qualification is valid for two years from the time of completion.  Both players and non-players are able to complete the exam.  

All players competing in competitive play such as interclub and tournaments are expected to have completed and passed the exam.

Link to online Club Referee Exam - Click here

List of current qualified Club Referees (updated 1 June 2022)
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Referee Pathway

The Squash NZ Referee Pathway has migrated over to the World Squash Officiating Framework. See WSO website for details 

If you have the right skills then Squash New Zealand will help you achieve it. Whether you want to simply improve your rules knowledge, referee local matches or have ambitions to officiate at the highest level, there is a structure in place to help you get there. Referees are supported as they move through the pathway through events and via mentoring opportunities and are offered appraisals whenever possible.

Go to for more info on the Squash NZ Officiating Pathway.

Refereeing Resources

A great video library to help you with your refereeing
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Guidelines to help referees deal with conduct breaches by players and spectators
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