2024 Senior Interclub

* Note: all draws are subject to change due to entry levels. Squash Auckland reserve the right to amend draws to deliver the best possible competition based on the level of team entries for each individual interclub season.

2024 Senior Autumn (5 weeks)
Entries Close Friday 23rd February
Competition Starts Monday 4th March/ Tuesday 5th March
Competition Ends Monday 8th April/ Tuesday 9th April (no play Easter week)

6 teams per division - 5 week competition (no playoffs)


2024 Senior Winter 1 (9 weeks)
Entries Close Friday 12th April
Competition Starts Monday 29th April / Tuesday 30th April
Competition Ends Monday 1st July / Tuesday 2nd July (no play Kings Birthday)

(No play on 5th/6th June due to Queen's Birthday long weekend)

2024 Senior Winter 2 (9 weeks)
Entries Close Friday 5th July
Competition Starts Monday 29th July / Tuesday 30th July 
Competition Ends Monday 23rd September / Tuesday 24th September (no play Super Champs - 22/23rd July)

Format for Senior Winter competitions
8 team divisions - round robin of 7 matches followed by two weeks of playoffs. 
All teams participate in the two weeks of playoffs to determine their final placing within their division. 

Senior Winter Playoff Draw (Top 4/Bottom 4)
Playoffs Week 1                Playoffs Week 2                        Final Placings
SF1 – 1 v 4                         Winner SF1 v Winner SF2          (1st/2nd)
SF2 – 2 v 3                         Loser SF1 v Loser SF2               (3rd/4th)
SF3 – 5 v 8                         Winner SF3 v Winner SF4          (5th/6th)
SF4 – 6 v 7                         Loser SF3 v Loser SF4               (7th/8th)


2024 Senior Spring (7 weeks)
Entries Close Friday 29th September
Competition Starts Monday 14th October / Tuesday 15th October
Competition Ends Monday 2nd December / Tuesday 3rd December (no play Labour week)

8 teams per division - 7 week competition (no playoffs)