Welcome to softball for 2021-2022

Weekly Draw
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New diamond layout (October 2020)
Teeball games will be played at Ascot School.
D2B (grassed diamond) is located next to the new lime diamonds at the redevelopment.
All other games are at Pirates-Old Boys grounds.

2021-2022 season playing dates:

Senior grades start                    Saturday 2 October 2021
Junior garde start                    Saturday 16 October 2021

Last games before Christmas break 
                                               Saturday 18 December 2021

Senior grades re-start          Saturday 22 January 2022
Junior grades re-start          Saturday 12 February 2022
Junior grades season finish                      
                                                   Saturday 19 March 2022
Seniors grades season finish                    
                                                   Saturday 26 March 2022

2021-2022 season  Regrades and Dispensations 
2021-2022 season  U19 Nominated Players 
2021-2022 season  Transfers and Clearances