St. Matthew's Primary School is currently accepting enrolments for 2024/25

Welcome to St Matthew's Primary School

St Matthew’s Primary is a Decile 4 school located in the heart of Hastings City. We are an Anglican integrated school and are the parish school of St Matthew’s Church Hastings. The school has a maximum roll of 160 pupils and caters for students from Years 1 to 8 inclusive.

The schools' enrolment policy does not discriminate between faiths or baptismal status.

We have two rolls that children can attend St Matthew’s under.

The first is our ‘Preference Roll’ which accounts for 95% of the children. These are children who satisfy our Special Character Provisions.

We also maintain a ‘Non-Preference Roll’ that accounts for the remaining 5%.

We currently have students enrolled from a diverse range of religious faiths.

The staff, Board of Trustees and school chaplain affirm the importance of teaching Christian values as an integral part of the school curriculum.

As a school community, we attend school services with the parish and each fortnight the school celebrates with a special school service, where we explore our Christian faith with our Chaplains.

"Teach our children to use the right path, and when they are older they will remain on it"

"Whakatupuria ake te tamaiti i te ara e haere ai ia, a, ka kaumatua, e kore e mahue i a ia" 

(Proverbs 22:6)


Uniform items are currently available for purchase or order from NZ Uniforms. Their store is on Heretaunga Street, Hastings or you can go online.

NZ Uniforms,

819 Heretaunga Street West,

St Leonards,

Hastings 4120