2022 Competition Format

Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) have confirmed the structure of the 2022 Christchurch Netball competition.  There have been some changes to the grades this season - please read through the list on the right to see which grade is right for you. 

Some of the changes from last season are:

  • Premier 1 to Senior Reserve 2 now have 8 teams each in each grade rather than 6
  • Premier 2 games have moved from a Tuesday night to a Saturday but are still indoors
  • There is a new grade called "Challenge Grade" which replaces the restricted sections of 2nd Grade
  • The remainder of 2nd Grade is now called "Open Grade" 
  • Third Grade AM and Third Grade PM are now called "Open Grade AM" and "Open Grade PM"
  • The age group grades have been extended and a new "Under 21" grade has been added 
  • The Under 13s grade has become "Year 8"
  • The Under 12s grade has become "Year 7"

Please contact us at info@stnicholasnetball.co.nz if you have any questions.