In 2022, Student Oliver Williams was selected in the NZU19 team for the Asia-Oceania Qualifying tournament in September.

Floorball is a fast growing type of hockey played indoors with "plastic" sticks and a light weight plastic ball with holes. In New Zealand the sport is also known as unihoc or unihockey and sometimes played in schools. Typically five field players and a goalkeeper (without a stick) play on a fully enclosed rink. The goals are set in so play continues behind the goal-line, similar to ice hockey.

Floorball is a safe, fast and fun sport and easy for people to pick up as other than a stick, no protective gear is required. There are few rules, mainly to make it a safe sport for everyone.

With sufficient demand SPC will enter teams into the CSW Floorball leagues that run during terms 1 and 4.

For more information contact Sports Coordinator Kristina Rybinski - [email protected]

Above - Floorball - it's like this....