Taradale Primary School Sport & Fundraisers


Welcome to the Taradale Primary School Sport Registration and Fundraising Website.

In conjunction with both the Taradale Primary School Board of Trustees and the  PTA (Parent - Teacher Association), I am delighted that you are able to use the site to support the tamariki of TPS through some form of fundraising. We make no secret of the fact that as a high Decile school it is no mean feat creating the superb education that our children deserve with just what the Government provides for us as funding. It will never be our intention to ask our parents and whanau to pay the difference so the efforts of our PTA are crucial. Each year our PTA raises in excess of $60 000 which places a lovely icing on our educational cake. Through their efforts our school and community are able to boast of a fabulous sandpit, a small astroturf suited to many sports and a multitude of colourful shade-sails. We are also able to buy sports uniforms and our school library, and librarian, is fully funded through that fundraising. 

Every time you assist us with that fundraising you assist your own children as learners and enrich our community!

Marty Hantz