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Laws of the Game Theory Examination

Information for Exam Coordinators

Sitting the Exam – 3 Attempts per six month period

Candidates are provided with 3 attempts to sit the Exam in a six month period. A six month period commences on the date the candidate logs in and first opens Attempt 1. Candidates must be able to complete the Attempt in one session. Any event causing a candidate to be unable to complete the Attempt in one session, is not retrievable. Once an Attempt is opened, it must be completed in one session (maximum 100 minutes).

Sitting the Exam – Questions and Time Limit

There are 100 questions in each Exam paper, these questions are randomly selected. Candidates have a maximum of 100 minutes to answer all questions. There is a maximum of one minute to answer each question.

Not Answering or Skipping a Question

A question not answered within the one minute allowed, will automatically drop to the end of the Exam. Candidates may also choose to skip a question. An unanswered or skipped question will automatically drop to the end of the Exam, and provided the 100 minute maximum time limit has not expired the candidate will receive one final attempt to answer it. On this second attempt, should an answer not be submitted within the one minute allowed, the question will be marked unanswered.

Internet Connection

Candidates logging in to sit the Exam, should ensure they are in an area that provides a strong internet connection. Loss of internet connection is not retrievable as per 1. above.


It is extremely important candidates open and read all information in the Introduction section of the Exam. This section contains helpful tips that will assist the candidate in sitting the Exam.

Answering a Question

Candidates should carefully consider their answer. Once an answer has been submitted, the question cannot be retrieved and the submitted answer cannot be amended.

Notification of Result

Candidates receive notification of their result immediately upon completion of an Attempt. A list of the questions incorrectly answered, and the relevant Law Book Reference, is provided and able to be printed immediately upon completion of an Attempt.

Attaining a Pass

There are four levels of pass.

90%+        Honours

80-89%     Excellence

75-79%     Merit 

70-74%     Achieved


Candidates achieving a mark of 70% or above will be able to immediately print the relevant Certificate. Candidates who do not have access to a printer, should save the Certificate and forward to their REO to print.

Accessing the Exam

To access the law exam please go to the URL: Click here

It is recommended you use Google Chrome as your web browser

Candidates need to click the register button and fill in the relevant details as per the example Registration box below. Note they can assign their own password but will need to use the join code supplied.   Where it asks for the "Join Code” please type, or cut and paste this code:


This will enable candidates to enter the online exam zone. On future occasions they access the site or complete an attempt, they will simply need to Login.

For a complete copy of the above information, download the document  Click here 

Law Exam Results

Achieved: 70-74%

Merit: 75-79%

Excellence: 80-89%

Honours: 90%+