David has a wealth of experience in growing and selling. He has been a grower since 1968 and has also owned and operated a garden centre for 20 years, a vegetable shop for 3 years and a fruit tree nursery for 10 years. David started off growing strawberries and then tomatoes. He then had a wholesale cucumber operation for 10 years. In recent years David has returned to his roots and now sells direct to the public focusing on tomatoes, raspberries, and asparagus, although his produce range is expanding. David has been coming to the Nelson Farmers Market, off and on for four years.

David really enjoys coming to the Nelson Farmers Market and selling to people who care about quality. “It’s a taste thing”, he says, “you get paid for taste”. He really likes selling direct to his customers and being able to discuss his produce and share his growing philosophy.

Products and Availability:

  • Asparagus: Mid July – Mid November
  • Capsicum: November -May
  • Cucumber: November - May
  • Raspberries: November - May
  • Beans; November - May
  • Eggplant: December - May
  • Tomato: November - May