Have you got what it takes to be a pistol shooter? Come and have a go at the Taupo Pistol Club.

Join the Taupo Pistol Club to enjoy a satisfying sport, learn firearms safety and skills as well as participate in a variety of shooting disciplines.

You may attend the club shoots as many as 3 times before you make up your mind to join. This will give you an opportunity to try your hand at shooting a variety of club guns and to see if this is a sport that appeals to you. During this time we will supervise and train you in handling and shooting pistols. You will meet other members and get to talk to them about their interest.

If you wish to find out more about the Taupo Pistol Club or come and see what it is all about, please use the email link below to make an appointment. Thankyou.

Please state in your email if you wish to look at taking up pistol shooting as a sport or just wish to try shooting pistols as a one one off.

Our club can also organise a shoot for your bussiness, social club or convention as something a little bit different from the normal. Due to the organisation involved with this type of shoot we require advanced notice to make sure dates are available.

Just email us and let us know what you wish.

Congratulations Harry and John for the work done on shoring up the bank!

Congratulations to Bill on shooting over 800 on the Service Pistol!